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I only have access to the buyers request through the computer?

can someone explain to me how to use the buyers request through the fiverr app?
It’s just that I click more, nothing appears, I don’t understand

Go to fiverr profile button and press buyers requests

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Well, as an iPhone user – so I’m not sure about you. When Fiverr app pop-up on the phone screen. You will see 5 icons on the bottom of the screen. Use your finger to touch the 5th icon from bottom right, then you will see “Buyer Requests” list on the “Selling” tab. Hope it helps!

To be honest, Buyer Request is no use to me and I don’t really bother offering gigs very much though, because it is just a waste of my times, but if you think BR is best option for you – of course, it doesn’t hurt to give a try!

Best of luck!

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I don’t use iphone, but on my android there is also a buyers request, but when I click it appears “no request found”

It’s normal when you don’t see any request found on there. I believed, Buyer Requests will appears on the list when clients post a requests they’re looking for service from sellers whoever have the kind of skills like yours willing to take a job.

I did offered to two different clients on BR when it listed on there few time in the past week, but I never heard from them ever since. That’s why I wouldn’t wasted anymore of my time offer gigs on BR. I got more things to do to take care of artwork. Please don’t take my words for it, but you can at least want to try BR if you think this is the best way for you to get your gigs boost with sales.

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Also, the Buyer Requests don’t always show up – it depend on those buyers looking for services to fit their needs for the project. Plus, you may see most clients will list on their requests, giving sellers 5 or up to 7 days before deadline.

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