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I only order from sellers who are online [POLL]


2 days ago, I needed an urgent logo design. As I was searching for a designer, I found myself filtering them based on whether they were online at that time. That made me wonder if I have missed out on orders from new clients because I am not always online on Fiverr.

What do you guys think? Does it matter to you, when ordering, if the seller is online?

  • I never order from sellers who are not online
  • It doesn’t matter to me whether the seller is online or not

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Being a freelancer myself, I wouldn’t expect someone to stay online all the time so I can have a chat with them. When I order from a freelancer, I am looking for quality, and that usually comes from someone that knows that being productive doesn’t imply being online all the time. :slight_smile:

If someone focuses more on staying on chat than delivering great work, it’s more like a No-no for me.


I only check the date of the last delivery and few feedbacks.


I read your problem. For design work give a concept to your designer. I’ll very good if you give him/her few sketch of your logo. When you’ve time then continue conversation with your seller.

My suggestion is give freedom to your seller. You must need to know that a professional seller ask you several questions before accept your offer.


Yes! I do this too, because if their last delivery was two years ago I don’t think they’ll be available for a new order! Haha


Suppose a seller is online for 7 hrs straight and no orders, he takes a break. Few buyers come the same time looking foe online sellers and order from other sellers who had just come online in 2 days. All done, the online seller comes back from a half hr break and goes online again straight for 10 hrs but he does not get a single order and it seems to him that being online is just not helping him. Is that justice ??


To be honest, I’m getting most of my orders at night when I’m sleeping.

And I usually don’t like dealing with people who is in a rush and need their order done in a few hours. For me that’s also sign of a really bad planning To look for work to be done urgently, but of course there are exceptions to this.
Some things can be done quickly that’s true, but I prefer quality over quantity and value my and my client’s time. I’d rather work with someone who a ready to discuss what they need and really think it over than delivering something done with a time crunch.


This. I also get most of the messages from potential buyers at 4-6 in the morning when I’m already offline for hours.

I stopped taking urgent orders after having a few bizarre experiences, honestly. Like a person ordering something to be delivered in 5 hours max and then changing the entire task but insisting we stick to the original deadline.

When buying gigs for myself, I usually rely on the cover image/description/reviews, the rest is irrelevant to me. I don’t buy anything urgent, though.


Neither of the options for me. If I need something urgent/want to talk “live” in the chat box, I’ll use the online filter to ideally catch a seller who’s online/somewhat in my timezone, if not, not.


I had an order like that, too, recently. I think if a seller wants to offer express delivery, they have to be extremely clear and detailed about the scope of work in that period. Most buyers don’t have a contingency plan.


Nope, not at all. I found that orders which mostly come when you are online are rush orders. I personally avoid rush orders for some reasons:

  1. The risk (for my mind and body) is too high: high paying order but short turnaround. Basically, creating quality works need time, and i don’t want to force my body and mind in making one. I won’t live longer with rush orders :expressionless:

  2. I’m not interested with buyers who don’t value the time for rest. Logically, potential buyers who are quality-conscious will never place a rush order even they ran out of time. One of my repeat buyer even remind me about staying up late on working on his order. If i could make a sentence which represent his thought, it will sound like this:

How come you will care with my project if you even doesn’t care with your own body?

Well, these are just opinions of mine.


How do you avoid rush orders? Do you cancel the orders?

  1. Set the delivery time other than a day
  2. Disable the fast delivery extra
  3. If there is buyer who contact me at the first hand and willing to place a rush order, just tell him/her that i’m unable to work for his/her order. The 2 above-mentioned point will also support it.


The best way to avoid “rush orders” is to not set your order completion deadline at 24 hours. Sure, there are some projects that can be completed quickly, but by and large, give yourself time to complete each order, and to complete each order well. My basic order completion deadline is set at seven days, and I do just fine. I have my “extra fast” set at three days.

Serious buyers know that quality shouldn’t be rushed. Set your completion times to reflect your order flow, then take your time to do each project well, but be mindful of reasonable client deadlines, and you’ll do just fine.


Hello Every one Being a freelancer i do accept rush order because as a buyer it gives you advantage you can chat with the seller discuss the project quickly… but yes if the project is big yes it really need time & patient