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"I order from you"


“hey if i order from you,you can found me name of Real estate entrepreneurship and marketing?
i from XXXX buy i want world name to,
if you say yes i order from you…”

“Very nice…i find real estate short name…i order from you.
And come see your ideas(: god luck”

“I order from you…god luck”


“Hey, I find name on my own. i want to cancell my order and get refund. accapt me please. thank you.”



:trophy: Order of the month.
He must be a paid actor.


I hope you didn’t cancel it.

I got a really serious person writing to me with a .docx file and a well written dead serious note with it to try to get me to open it. I don’t need to get any files from anyone. There are some strange people here lately.


Wow. That sounds like a heck of a great luck.


I did cancel, if I had refused the cancellation, the following happens.

A. I still have to do the work, which he’ll hate because he already has something he likes
B. Whether I do the work or not, he will continue demanding a refund
C. He’ll contact CS and they will refund the order

Until Fiverr makes changes to prevent endless revision/refund requests, it’s easier for the seller to just cancel, then block that buyer so he never wastes our time again.


I am not surprised with people like this anymore… Fiverr really needs to do something about it.

Around a week ago, I got an order for making powerpoint to video. Person sent me only random video. Without any requirements at all… I asked him about it… Nothing of course. Then I went to cancel it and he refused cancellation saying that he will send me introductions later. And he refused cancellation when time was up on order. Only thing I could to was contact customer support to cancel it…


I don’t know why they do that. It’s like people don’t think.

Here’s a conversation I’ve been having:

"Would you write me a Facebook ad "
“Yes, I can do that.”
“Could you create a Instagram and Facebook advert”
“I said yes already”

At least he hasn’t ordered. Maybe I should send him a custom offer, perhaps that’s what he wants.


@fastcopywriter yes a custom order weeds out the time wasters.

If they keep asking questions once you sent that, nine times out of ten they are not serious.

I usually stop answering after that.


I am getting many of those actually.

Like: “Can you format a book”… And under that it is: “This message relates to: I will format your book… gig” lol


It would be nicer if they were more specific. “Do you have time to format a book? I need it in 24 hours.”


That’s hilarious and sad. Why on earth would your competitor want to buy from you what they sell themselves?! People need to stop and think logically about context, not just: keyword search/message


Messages like this don’t surprise me anymore. I’m always getting load of them without placing the final order . I don’t know if they are doubting my skills or what?


I might even go as far as to say that you’re better off not receiving orders from such people. Such people have the power in them to derail your entire Fiverr career if they wanted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree.

For many reasons, some guys are hustlers, they know how to rank high their gigs, or are just lucky and so they get orders - but to fulfill them they need others to do the work. Some are genuine, then, there are malicious competitors - probably they take the lions share.


They want to copy you, or they want to give you a bad review, or a bad internal review. Or, they don’t want to do the work themselves or don’t know how.

It’s why they copy your gigs— they are not equipped to do the job they are representing themselves as able to do.


@joxpress Thanks for that insight. So many sketchy people out there.


Good luck :slightly_smiling_face: