"i orderd the wrong thing, please cancel"


To err is human, so when I saw

“i orderd the wrong thing, please cancel”

I can understand why that would happen. However, I can’t understand why my completion rate immediately dropped from 86% to 85%. How am I supposed to get to 90% if it’s going to drop every time someone cancells?

His cancellation reason was “I ordered by mistake.”

Why am I being punished for his mistake?

A potential issue with the new system

There is something seriously wrong with how Fiverr calculates our ratings. I had 4 or 5 late orders caused by a bug and my delivered on time fell from 94% to 87% it’s two, possibly three weeks later now, I haven’t had another late delivery in that time, I’ve delivered an average of 4 orders a day, and my delivered on time rating keeps popping up to 89% before dropping back down to 87%. - Response rate is the same, it gets up to 97% but then drops back down to 96% for no reason.

The only logical explanation is that somewhere there is a giant Fiver abacus which a random person shakes occasionally to decide what our rankings are.


The order completion rate should be 80% to allow for the main reason for cancellations which is due to buyers mistakes, bugs, etc.


The demand for 4.8 out of 5 is also unrealistic. In America, you need a 70% to pass an exam, a 90% is an A-, you’re basically demanding perfection from every seller.

How can we provide perfection each and every time?


I suspect that fiverr does not care as much about bad reviews as they do about cancellations.


But why? Fiverr makes it hard for buyers to get their money back. The money usually stays on Fiverr, the buyer ends up hiring someone else.

Suppose you had a seller getting $10,000 worth of orders every month, and $3,000 of those orders are being refunded. why would Fiverr care? They’re still making 20% of $7,000, and $2,000 to $3,000 are spent on Fiverr so they get 20% of that.


I know it makes no sense but they want people to keep spending above all. They don’t like it when someone clicks a buy button and then have to get a refund even if the money stays with fiverr.

The money really has not been spent on anything even if the money stays with fiverr.

They probably keep that money in an escrow account. If it is in someone’s account that means it does not really belong to fiverr, fiverr is just holding the money.


I don’t understand how a buyer just orders “by mistake”. It’s not like there’s a button you accidentally press and it immediately takes your money. You have to actually go to the gig page, scroll down until you see the order button, then it takes you to a confirmation page where you have to press yet another button…in what part of this process do you not notice you’re about to purchase the wrong thing? It just baffles me…


There is no seller protection, basically. So buyers don’t have to pay for their mistakes, but sellers do have to pay for buyer’s mistakes.

A simple solution to that would be to make mistake orders not affect completion rate, or remove completion rate completely. I’ve also suggested many times that a buyer has to check a box that says they agree to the terms of the purchase, which basically means they agree to pay for the service and do the purchasing after carefully reading about the service, so there’s zero chance of ordering by mistake. And perhaps even if a mistake happens, it’s their fault and it’s non-refundable.

As for 4.8 needed a the very minimum, that does seem oddly high requirement! Especially considering that their app has been super buggy (According to people here on the forum) and people leaving 5 star reviews appeared as 4.7 instead, which is less than the required amount. I dont believe those reviews have been corrected by fiverr either.


Sadly, some sick people order your gig just to cancel it.
I guess they enjoy messing with you, or they have the intention of messing up your
cancellation rate.

Several years ago I had a guy order from me, clicked on ALL the gig extras and it added up to several hundred dollars and he said he ordered by mistake.
I decided to go into a bit of a b*tch mode and told him he will need to explain how the heck he ordered by mistake, and how it is possible to click on every single available gig extra. He requested a cancellation which I rejected each time, asking for a clear explanation. He kept saying sorry, sorry, I kept telling him there is no need to apologize, just give me a clear explanation on how such mistakes can be possible.

He finally admitted he did it on purpose. I reported him, he got kicked out of Fiverr and I went on with my life. The end.


Ooh, I have an idea to maybe improve all this completion rate nonsense. (It’s been really frustrating me, too.) What about this: If an order is cancelled before delivery, it doesn’t affect our completion rate. But if an order is cancelled after delivery (indicating it’s an actual refund, and not just buyer error), it does.

This would solve pretty much all of my Fiverr woes. In the two years I’ve been here, I’ve only ever cancelled one order after delivery. I’ve had many other cancellations, every single one of them a result of buyer error, and before I’ve done any actual work on the order.


What if buyer cancel after delivery?I mean they intentionally order and wait for the delivery and then when they have the work,they cancel it.


Have you contacted the customer support? There is something wrong going on :frowning:


That’s just sad!!! I wonder how a buyer could do these kinds of stupidity!! Why don’t you contact CS and tell them the whole story!! They might solve your problem you never know!!!


I had a chargeback that was NOT due to anything I did or did not do. It affected my completion rate.
So chargebacks should not affect that. It was fraud on the buyer’s part.


Well, chargebacks should always be counted separate from cancellations, since they work outside of Fiverr’s TOS, right? That’s what I’d assume would be ideal.


Chargebacks are included in the completion and cancellation rate for sellers.


I’m talking about what might be ideal, though. Under the premise that the current system is not ideal.


I came here to basically ask this exact question.

I’m not convinced a mistake was made.


It could be that my buyer had second thoughts. Maybe he thought he was buying a Facebook post instead of a Facebook ad?

I used to have issues with my Teespring gig. A lot of people searching teespring designers would end up buying my gig, not understanding I just wrote headlines. Nowadays, Teespring isn’t popular and my gig is super clear, so I don’t get those ordered by mistake issues I used to get, at least not on that gig.

I like @allisonewright idea about refunds without delivery not affecting the completion rate.

I wonder what Fiverr has planned for the future? Maybe they’ll be displaying the completion rate of every gig? I wonder if that would hurt sales.

If you see two buyers, one has a completion rate of 85%, one is at 99%, whom do you order from? Would we end up getting messages like: “why is your completion rate so low?”