I ordered a $50 Fifty Dollar Gig - I am not Happy, non responsive. Take A Look, what would you do?



I order twice because I wanted you to design it, sorry. We own fragglesrock and want a bad ass header. I love the FISHTANK Header you advertise, I dont know if something like that would work but at least you know what our taste is like.

Title: Hawaii Shippers

Tag Line: Up to you, we specialize in Hawaii Car Shipping


Doesnt matter something bad ass! <~~~ Remember FISH TANK GUYS

sites we want our site to look like: If you can do more to our site we will pay!


http://www fragglesrock x 4

We really need a quote form like them but have been having trouble with plugins that just suck! :frowning: <~~~~NEVER RECEIVED. $45 DOLLARS DOWN THE DRAIN…

it was less than a month ago only by about a week. Three weeks is actually correct. How do I go about this, Should I drop it and be a nice guy about it. I mean anyone can take that header of the beach, Layer 2 that PALM TREE and stick the boat behind it, add font and that’s 45 Dollars?? Took extra long to complete, and I never got the QUOTE FORM she wrote me about and said she would do since I paid 45 for a 5 min gig.

I have to say Im pretty ticked off but sometimes I think I over react, can you please give you unbiased opinion… Really…


It wont let me post those links I forgot, ok well ill upload it to my site. hawaiishippers tld is COM.


its on the left under posts


Are you sure it was someone from fiverr?


Why’s that? How cold it not be. Goto my page hawaiishippers regular ending… look at posts and youll see the post with the header on it and HER page, I whited out her info incase im over reacting…

Trying to be courtious. TOP RATED GOLD SELLER. And yea Rich Guy, Im pretty savvy online.

THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING btw. Im really curious to see what you think…


my site ends in dot com…


hmm I dont know if you guys can see the image bc I sure can’t Ill drop a link on my twitter and facebook so you can see it. My fb is at

■■■■■■■■■■■■/benjamincardozo and twitter is ■■■■■■■■■■■/shiptohawaii