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I Ordered a Gig in error. Within 10 Seconds I cancelled it. Seller Completes, Disregards Cancel Req


I requested that I wanted a cancellation on : fragglesrock harvesting email gig which had 0 ratings. I am aware and very familiar with the SPAM ACT OF1998 and how strict they acn be to non-opted in users. Even if the tables were turned and I was in his position. He saw I never wrote to him asking for the "niche indusrty, demographic etc…So he signs on, sees the request for cancel. Didnt render any services yet because I cancelled it before I could blink twice, literally. So the way I see it is that, he wasnt out of time or money, because of my mistake on ordering it (which had a CANCEL ORDER?) Tag, he went out of his way to deliver the product a day later. Random email addresses, some could be to people in your office or fiverr members. Just so unethical. And to top it off, I wrote you guys on the cancellation,a t least I hope it went to you and not him. And no resposne for three four days now.

I was told to come here and psot this info, I still don’t know why you guys havent responded to the Resolution Center request. This entire ordeal is so DISCOURAGING that it feels like your making us feel like the 5 dollars isnt worth trying to get back because youll waste more time than needed to regain your funds back. It truly is a 20 dollar Gig. Wow. I own (fragglesrock x4) .com if I ever ignored my customers they would just charge back their card. Im at that point, however, because I know the ramifications that I go through I’ve given you guys a 25 dollar gig for free for playing ring around the rosie.

I am goign to go this route now. I clicked the CONTACT SUPPORT/RESOLUTION CENTER. Eight days ago, Then Seven, Then three…If you guys don’t monitor those requests maybe you should take them down. No offense but thats the only reason I am so frustrated.


There is a lot of fraud on fiverr. You need to contact fiverr admin here:

Click on the link at the bottom of the page called "Please submit one Support ticket request"

Then sign in or sign up first. Tell them the order number and seller and they will hopefully investigate.


Or, just don’t accept his delivery of the gig. The seller can’t force you to accept delivery. Use the Request modification tab and request the gig be cancelled.


Big Bad Billy!


go to cs. Every thing will be fine