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I ordered before having an account

So I ordered a fiverr before actually signing up for an account. It said to wait for an email, but I’m wondering how that’s going to work (sending to my paypal email?). How long should it take to get it? Did I screw up by ordering first? I just assumed it would take me through making an account as I ordered. Now I’m kind of worried I lost $5…

it’s been about 4 hours and no email. Should I go through paypal? Should I message the seller? It really sucks because I need this done within a week and only had just over $5 on my paypal…blarg.

This happened to me too.What did you do? I am wondering make a conflict case with paypal to get me monay back.

I haven’t done anything yet :

ok i have just recieved the mail to my paypal mail. may be you can check the spam folder. it may have been arrived

nope nothing in mine yet…how long did it take for you?

i guess 30 minutes. maybe you can contact the supporters?

yeah, I contacted them about 30 minutes after my order. I wish there was a phone number I could use…and now here I sit waiting 4 hours later…

oh i am so sorry, but it seems waiting is only the thing you could do now :expressionless: