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I ordered some video comercial

The final product where of poor quality, and after several revision, it wasn’t going to get any better, actually it got worse.

Now I am in a kind of a battle with seller. I have requestet mutual cancelletion several times, and where the seller is denying to cancel.

This have been going on for some time, so my question are; when does this finally stop, and is there any way to escalate it?

Brg, Harald

One of the biggest problems with many video providers is the fact that they don’t have any experience or very little and no training in front of the camera and on quality production values.

I’ve been in the video business for almost three decades and can’t believe some of the rubbish that people sell.

It’s best to stay away from $10 and $20 videos because you basically get what you pay for.

You can try to submit a ticket to fiverr admin but not sure if they will be able to help.

It really depends on what the seller promised you regardless of how much you paid. If their gig description offered something specific for a set price and they didn’t deliver that, you should be able to cancel. If they delivered what the described but it’s not to your preference, you may not get backing on cancellation.

To submit a ticket, you need to go to the Customer Support page and fill in the fields. A Customer Support representative will respond, usually with a couple of days at most.

Think you for all input’s, I will accept the finale product under "protest’, where I will low rare the seller and inkluderar some comments.

Next time I place an order at Fiverr, I will do it differently, asking seller to provide draft and production samples off the actual requested project, before I place any gig.
I believe that will help sort out the unserious sellers from the serious ones.

Don’t think anyone will give you a draft of your project prior to order. They should be able to provide samples of similar work though. I do video work, and that is how I approach bigger projects.