I Owe it to Fiverr


Fiverr.com has really changed my life. I created an account on Fiverr in June 2010 while I was wrapping up my sound and music recording program at Recording Arts Canada in Toronto. It was a way for me to apply what I had learned at a great school. It worked like a charm. I got so much experience and wasn’t even realizing what I was building. I loved working with different artists and it helped me while I didn’t have that much money. I was looking for work and got to do some traveling right after graduating. I ended up moving to California where my girlfriend at the time was living. We ended up settling down and getting married a few years later!

Today, I am always busy with Fiverr work. I get orders daily and I love doing what I do. I help artists get their music ready for release. I am a musician myself and know how exciting it is to get to that final step! I am proud to have a total of 2097 positive reviews with a featured gig :slight_smile: Thanks to Fiverr, I have been very fortunate to get married to my beautiful wife, travel and buy a home with her. The freedom Fiverr gives you is really special and if you are just getting on here or have been for a while, the best advice I can give you is to be consistent and treat your customers well. I am happy to be a level 2 seller and extremely excited to reach top rated seller!

A little bit about me: My name is Michael and I’m an audio engineer and singer/songwriter. I studied sound engineering in Toronto. My credits include audio mixing and mastering for feature films, documentaries, and commercials. My music has also earned me the “#1 Most Viewed Musician in Canada” on YouTube!


Thank you for the advice, Fiverr truly empowers.


@michael78781 Hi Michael, your wonderful story brought tears into my eyes. Yes indeed, fiverr changes lives. It’s a beautiful thing when a Career & a Passion come together. You got that opportunity. I’m sure you have successfully completed lot more than 2097 orders so far. Good Job & keep it up! :relaxed: :thumbsup:


wow that’s some inspiration…Michael you are really a talented musician (i know you must have heard this 1000 times) btw iam a voice artist i wish to become like you someday… Congratulations and all the best !


A great story, really inspiring.

It shows that talented people can really make a living from Fiverr. There are so many people on the forum saying things like “I can been on here for 2 weeks and no orders, please help” and it is refreshing to hear from someone who just went out there and made it happen.


Thanks! I really believe that patience is key here. It may take some optimization on your part - make sure your gigs have clear descriptions, competitive pricing, tags and a video! When I added a video, it made all the difference.I wish you the best :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @amitkaria. Means a lot! Good luck with your career!


Good story. You were also fortunate to have been an ‘early bird’ on this platform, coming in when there was virtually no competition and then establishing yourself over time. Congrats.


Really a good story. Thank you very much. Good luck.


Thank you :slight_smile: good luck to you as well!


Bro, you should’ve been top rated! It’s gonna come, I know it will.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: