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I paid $10 extra for 1-day service, but it was late. Am I eligble for my $10 back?


Hello. As the title states, I paid an extra $10 to have a video delivered within 1 day (for a total of $15) and the seller delivered it late… which rendered the extra $10 unnecessary.

Actually the video is now useless to me because I couldn’t use it since it arrived after than I had expected it.

How do I get that $10 back?



when ever you have an issue like this you need to think hard and see if you are reponsible in anyway. Was this job too big for a 24 hour job? Where you constantly revising what you needed after ordering? did you explain the job properly?

if you believe that you did what was needed for the job to be done and the seller failed yes ask for a refund


I wasn’t responsible in the least. The seller confirmed that the details I provided were sufficient and that he’d have it done in a few hours. A few hours turned into more than 24 hours, which was after I required the video for a project (the seller apologized and said he didn’t have access to a camera… which is his responsibility as a seller).

Is there a function on Fiverr to request the $10 back? Or is my only option simply to ask the seller for the $10?


you can go to the order page and reject the order. if it has been to long you might have to ask him or contact CS


Bear in mind, it may also be the weather happening in North America. People near me lost power in death producing cold.


Ah, I see the seller agreed it was an error. I apologize for bring up an irrelevant issue.


I think you should ask for a mutual cancellation. You deserve your money back, absolutely. Ask - or there may be a button, or go ahead and contact customer service, who will sort it out.

You paid $10 - for nothing.