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I paid a designer for a design and the design was on deviant art


So I paid a designer for a design and I found that same design on Deviant art but changed a little bit. Idk if there is anything I can do this is was my first time using the site and I feel like I got played and paid way to much money. Any help will be OK just want an answer of what I can do or what I cant do.


Well, a designer can buy a piece of art and then change it to create a new work. It’s always a good idea to contact a designer first and send a message to ask some questions to get a sense if they are real or not and to ensure that all the work will be completely original.

I think you can just go in and request a cancellation for the gig, stating that you thought the artwork delivered would be original, however you found the same image on another site, just changed a little bit.

Or if you want contact customer support. Tell them that you ordered the gig and that the work that was delivered to you you found on another site and believe the seller took that piece of art and just changed it a little bit to pretend he created an original work. I am very upset that a seller would do that, and would like to cancel my order, is that possible?


Reply to @sincere18: Well the thing is the deed is done already. I accepted everything I contact her about it and asked she told me that the person that has the same art may have used the same tools and art book. But I definitely don’t believe that at all.


Reply to @kjblynx: Yea So i did contact the deviant art artist but no reply yet. Sadly I paid off everything already and everything is done. I accepted it, so what should I do. But I did do all the steps you just said too except contact the customer support.


Reply to @silence239: No, they mean you need to be contacting the artist here on Fiverr who you bought the gig from.

Tell the seller here what kgblynx said above.

Go and request a modification on your gig. Say that you found the artwork on Deviatnt ARt and you would like them to not plagarize another persons work and can they please make a modification and redo this artwork.

This issue does not really have to do with the artist on Deviant Art, so I am curious why you contacted them.


In my opinion if you contacted the devi artist and he did not reply think this in your way. do you like the design? if yes then keep it and use it. No matter and if you dont like it personally ask fore modifications.

by the way how much you paid him and what is this design? can you let us see here?