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I paid an order and it was cancelled after being late, how do I retrieve my funds and what do i do?

I placed an order hired a freelancer for a development game gig, and when the deadline was passed i sent him a message asking for an update and the gig was just cancelled, the order sorry, he just cancelled it. This being my first ever order which obviously didnt go well, how do i retreive my money and what do i do? Thank you and if anyone wants to message me with help as well please do so.


The funds will go back to you, you’ll see it on the upper right corner of the site. It counts as Fiverr shopping balance though so it stays on Fiverr and doesn’t go back to your card or paypal, but you can use it to purchase from other sellers should you wish.

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I recommend you read the Community Guidelines in the forum…

hey thanks a lot! was able to find them!!


Glad to be of help!! :smile:

That’s great!

I’m sorry to hear that your first purchase on Fiverr didn’t go so well. I can assure you that there are plenty of decent and professional sellers on this platform. A couple of tips for your next purchase:

  1. Read the seller’s reviews, what has the seller done well (or not so well) in the past based on their customers’ reviews.

  2. Discuss and agree on the parameters of the project before placing the order so that you both know what outcomes to expect.

I hope your next order goes smoothly and the outcomes meet and exceed your expectations!

Happy buying :slight_smile: