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I paid and never got my item?


seller making excuses for non delivery of my pic…what to do???


Welcome to Fiverr and I am sorry you have had this experience, please do not let it reflect on all the sellers here on Fiverr. Did they deliver anything to you? Has the order expired? You can also contact Customer Support for their assistance. Good luck and let us know what happens.


As a seller, I try my best to communicate with my clients. Of course, it should work both ways, but, doesn’t always. Until recently, we didn’t have Internet (we moved in with a couple of ladies six weeks ago), so, we depended on the free WiFi at Starbucks & such. Still, I always got my work in on time, though, not always as quickly as I would have liked. Fortunately, my clients were understanding & patient.

I mention this, because, many of us are on Fiverr to improve our lives & sometimes things can happen beyond our control. As long as they’re responding to you, that’s a positive sign. Unless, they’ve stated, they don’t intend to submit it to you ever, then, they should cancel, so, you may be refunded. Hope you’re able to get this resolved.