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I paid but don't get nothing

Hello Everybody,
Can you tell me what can I do if I ordered video, I paid what the seller wanted but finally I didn’t get nothing? He delivered to me completely different video what we agreed. It’s happened 3 days ago. I wrote to him 3 times and REVISION REQUESTED too, but no answer at all. The order is Rejected status now.

Your bet bet is to contact Customer Support and explain the situation, stressing that although you received a video delivery, it wasn’t at all what you wanted. Such as you ordered a gorilla on a unicycle but you got a rabbit eating a banana.

Use the cancel order button in this case. You may have to still contact customer support if he does not agree to cancel the order.

Just cancel the order after 3 days ypu will refund … Or contact customar support

Please contact Customer Support!! So sorry for your experience!

Im sorry for your bad experience! I think your money will refund.

yeah just cancel order

yes. just cancel the order or if the seller rejects it then contact customer support. They will help you.

happy holidays all

firstly please discuss with seller if he/she not provide exact as per your requirement and if he/she ignoring you, then you need to contact customer support team and discuss all your issue. support team member is very helpful and he/she definitely help you.


contact fiverr cs they will solve your problem fast

If you don’t get nothing you actually say that you get something.
‘Don’t’ is cancelling out ‘nothing’.