I paid, but dont receive a delivery


Hi i have a problem. i paid for a website, but i dont receive a delivery. Now she does not answer anymore. What can i do?



Click on Resolve Now and ask for a refund or Contact Support and they will help out receive a refund.


Thanks. But this is not possible anymore. the order is delivered. Because she saids she will delver three days later…


If she said she will deliver but did not deliver you will receive a refund. The job cannot be marked as delivered unless she actually delivers.


Share her profile link, if you used PayPal you can dispute the transaction and most importantly contact support.


You have 14 days after the ‘delivery’ to complain


Disputing through paypal is not advised this will get your account banned from fiverr. TOS rule Never Share or name shame another member.


@phantompower is right. Customer support is the way to go. I am sure you get this sorted out in no time. Sorry this has happened to you. For the future though, if you get an empty delivery make sure to request a modification right away, this will prevent the order from getting marked as complete after 3 days.


Do what I did: just call your credit card company and dispute and have the charges reversed. A person shouldn’t have to jump through hoops for retribution when they are in the right. My seller would never answer me in a timely fashion. When he did, he always had an excuse. His revisions were garbage that a 4 year-old could do. Finally, about 7 days after ordering, I contacted my credit card company. Even AFTER the order was marked “delivered”. These vendors think they are entitled to $30 a pop for crappy work and think that because it is difficult to get a refund, we won’t go through the trouble. Screw them.