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I paid for an order and cannot receive my service. why?


Please be reminded that I had paid for a service which is still to be delivered. I made the payment in response to a service offering to Design a professional website header on the web site of Fiverr.

On Saturday (25 April 2015) I paid for aforesaid design service on Fiverr International Ltd. I was promised that the service was to be rendered by 29 April 2015. Today is May 1, 2015 and I haven't yet received this service, nor heard from Fiverr International Ltd.

Please advise on the status of my order.

Nyenetu Jarkloh


Ask the seller?


Please remember that Fiverr the company doesn’t actually sell what is offered by sellers on their website–the sellers do. You need to get in contact with the seller you paid for the design.