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I Paid for logo design never get the logo nor the money!

I paid 32 dollar for logo design never get my logo on time and on top the guy who was suppose to deliver the logo he stoped talking.
I need my money back I don’t want anything from your company such a cheap guys don’t know how to do business.

Please contact CS about this. No one here can help you. :confused:

Send A Complaint card To CS And Give A Read To A Similar case at How to file a complaint on a seller and get a refund, And Learn How to Tackle it.


This is a community forum, we are just users here, so we can’t help you. Besides, Fiverr have a strong buyer protection policy, so if you didn’t receive your order you just open a cancellation request and you will get your money back. But, as said, we can’t help you here, we are just normal users, not Fiverr customer support or staff.


How I can contact customer support I tried online and through App but nothing no response

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i am really sorry to hear about your loss but almost thousand of professional logo seller are working here very nicely.

There are 53,325 gigs for logo design! :open_mouth:


i know :slight_smile: i listed top and told him a figure approx one thousand.

Dear, it’s my second order for logo both has same stories, logo ordered after first revision they guy run away no reply nothing and order completeles the money gone!
I would suggest Fiverr to have record of their orders if the job is not complete their freelancers should hold responsible.
Waisted my time my money but end of the day I get nothing.

submit a request to fiverr CS. definitely they will help you asap :slight_smile:

Try to get in touch with fiverr support

You have a right to decline the order when a seller delivers order. if you accepted then its your mistake that you accepted order without getting Logo.

I didn’t accept anything nither on website nor on App I should be able to get my mine right!

Perhaps you need to do more seller research before selecting a designer to create your logo. There are thousands of “wannabe” logo designers who can’t draw a stick figure, but think there’s money to be had in the logo design category. Those are the sellers that are more likely to grab your money and run. If you want a serious logo designer, consider raising your budget, and hiring a more professional designer with plenty of strong, positive reviews.

If you choose to buy cheap, your chances of receiving cheap in return are very high.

If this has happened to you twice now, perhaps the problem is in your designer selection process, not the designers you’ve hired who clearly have no skill or intention to provide what you are looking for.

Don’t spend blindly… spend wisely.


It’s not all about the budget I asked many of them on the page most of them offered good price and sent many samples done by them with watermark of fiverr, and if it’s based on budget or they are just here to make money, than I think it’s not trustable App to place order, I used to Order from Envato but my friend told me he know new app work same but price and delivery wise good.

Very well. Good luck then, as you continue to find a seller who can meet your project needs.

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Thank you, i found a company and they made my logo per my requirements with half price and fast delivery!

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I tried all ways to post complain against freelancers who didn’t do my project, but no reply no positive responses.