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I paid, have the receipt but system says to complete order

System is asking me to fill out another payment form even though I have receipt for the first one.

There seems to be no way to ‘activate’ the order.

thank you very much but Customer Support goes to a page showing FAQs, youtube and this forum. There’s no person monitoring this?

The link to file a ticket with Customer Support is in small (I think green) letters near the bottom of the page…says something like, Still can’t find the answer?

Take a screen shot of the page asking you to fill out another payment form and one showing that you’ve paid and send those along with your ticket (you’ll see a place for that as you fill out the form). If it’s your first time submitting a CS ticket, you’ll need to open an account (quick to do) & tell them your email address. After you submit the ticket, you’ll get an email at that address. Be sure to open it & click the verification link it contains to start the process. CS may not get back to you right away, depends on how busy they are.