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I pass my fiverr test skill in adobe photoshop

hi, i pass my fiverr test skill in adobe photoshop with 10 out of 7.5%


Well done. Have you tried the English test?


I got 6.5 :confused:
It was an advance level test

Mine is 9.5/10, but still not happy how i miss or incorrect the one…
and i am trying to take test again to make it 10/10…

Please, can you tell me, how can I check my skills in adobe photoshop or drawing tests in Fiverr? I’m a new seller and don’t know, how to do that.

In your profile page, there you can test about your skills…

Good job. you passed all exam next time

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all the best you will pass 10/10 :blush:

go to your profile page and take a test skill it has types of skill. you select adobe photoshop test. all the best

Good effort!,Well done!

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thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :sweat_smile:

I passed english writing test with 6.5 but my gig publish button not active any one knows minimum passing score for english content writing test.