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I Passed The Course!I am Very Happy!

I am Very happy to passed My First Course


Great Best of luck!!!

Same I Complete same course today!!!

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What’s the criteria to take the course please?

@jurshh Its Free Of Cost.You Learn Free
Its Boost Your Sales.
And buyer see your Experience on Your Profile!!!

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@ma_creations…okay. Thanks
I am going in too…
But please I haven’t been receiving orders on my fiverr,i write articles and blog post… What can be done to boost that?

I am new seller and i have a same problem.I have a some experience.You read topics on forum for getting orders.I think its help you!!

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Great!!! passing course also make the help to improve your sale.

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Great Work, Keep it up good works

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This course is free for everyone .


Good to hear.

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I did not find out this course in my fiverr account.

Here is the free course link: