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I passed the English test but it shows Failed

the issue is I passed the Basic English test and achieve a score of 7.8. when I completed the test the result show that I Passed the test with the score 7.8. then I close the popup window and check in my profile and is it shows “Failed”.
I trying to reload the page but it still same, then get back next day and check, it is still same.

I am confused, what is going on ???

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You need 70% to pass this test, so it should indeed show on your profile. Maybe you closed the popup window too fast. If that was the first time you passed it then you are allowed another take after one day. I would suggest you try that and if the issue remains you might want to contact Fiverr Customer Support.


7.8 is more than 70% right? after completing it was said Passed and ask for review, then I close without provide a review.

You probably went to another window without closing the popup or closed the popup too fast. Maybe you didn’t click one of 2 options that said finish with feedback or finish without feedback, something like that.

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