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I paused my gig and that's what happened

Hello guys,

So… I am new to fiverr. The first two weeks I got 5 orders and I paused my gig for like 3 days. Since I activated it again (4-5 days ago) I haven’t got any new clients.
Does that has anything to do with the paused gig? And if yes, what now? Should I create a new one? haha I know that it might sounds silly but I’m curious to know.


I experienced the same thing when i went on vacation for 2 weeks. I don’t know if there is a correlation but it seems that way to me.

I think creating a new Gig might be a good idea for you. I didn’t bother to do that myself but I don’t think it would hurt.

Relax, we often do.
It takes time to get back to normal. But all will be fine.

Update the description and tags. Fiverr algorithm detect any changes in gig :wink:

Thank you all! (: