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"I placed the order by mistake and need to cancel"


This has literally just happened to me and the buyer has opened a dispute. This has never happened before.

Any advice would be appreciated - what’s the best course of action…what are my options?


Contact Customer Support with screen captures of the conversation.


Seeing that all and any cancellations count against the seller, there is no really good option. But not accepting it and having it cancelled by customer support might be the best of the bad options, at least, there is the chance they may check whether it´s a once in an account-time mistake or a bad habit of the buyer and it won´t hurt a buyer either way, unless it´s a really habitual habit, I suppose.


I recall something about cancellations done by customer support being worse than mutual cancellations but I don’t know if that is correct now.

@jonrichards I would go ahead and accept the cancellation. I doubt if customer support has the ability to excuse it and make it not count.

Hopefully fiverr will find a way to have such mistakes by buyers not count against sellers.


Hopefully they will. I´ve bought gigs myself, it´s not that easy to “order by mistake”. Maybe, somehow, it was a genuine mistake, but nothing bad will befall the customer if the cancellation is performed by customer support.

And since the possibility exists that it was no mistake, together with the effect on our rating and level, I think I will tend to let CS handle the cancellation of mistakenly made orders now until they will.
Not willing to make it easy for people who may want to take advantage of that and order mistakenly on purpose. :slight_smile:


You make a good point. I will do that too so it’s harder.

What if they don’t?


Before place an order need to check carefully because order cancelation is very bad for a seller it maybe mistake or not.


Thanks everyone - the full excuse/reason I was given really did come across as “the dog ate my homework”. He thought that I did graphic design.

Which part of “I will record a professional British voice over” did they not understand, I wonder?