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I posted a buyer's request for a logo... I'm shocked at the seller's offer

I have been on Fiverr for almost 60 days now; the income is not sufficient to maintain my monthly bread and butter; I thought of doing freelancing in real life (like many others)… Facebook page, blah blah blah.

To cut the story short, I needed a logo and because I’m struggling with my budget. I thought I will ask for some designer to see what they have done in the past (those that were rejected by previous clients), to see if they have similar to similar what I want (businessman mascot / eye grabbing or shocking logo) that is suitable for a consultant… and I will just get that for ten after slapping the business name on it (and a colour change).

72 offers flooded me within a short time, and… guess what? none of them read my request properly, some of them were probably from the same person (with the same spelling errors)… and the only person who read what I wrote, did a “cut and paste” into their standard “can” offers.

I think to myself; I write individualised offers every single time… I know the buyer’s request works… I got orders from it. But it must be an unpleasant experience for the buyer, having to experience that flooding of a nuisance.

A little disheartened to see that my sincere “offer” went lost in the floods of copy-&-paste. #JustSaying

I guess I’m not unlucky; I am going Level One as soon as I hit day 60 (by a dollar). Unsure what the future holds, am still setting up plan C.


Your experience is fairly common. That is why I never use Buyer Requests. However, if you are a new seller and write a well thought out response you will have a better chance of winning the bid.


I had similar experience - I tried to post buyer’s requests few times, I got 100+ offers from people, who offered me “to do any types of work”, they called me “sir” and “mister”, and I’ve got few direct messages. The most unbeliveble message was - If I will help him to do USA visa (come on, I am not even from the US), he will do the work perfectly (I needed female british voiceover, and of course he promised to do it perfectly, because he is an expert).

This is not about us, this is about people who wants to get everything and do nothing


How is this even possible:
it is 2021… we know posting BR for logo is

PS. Is the BR still on, let me hop and send you offer :smiley:


BR could be a lovely experience but sadly most of the people in the sandpit are there more to scam than to help.

Most of the “buyers” are really resellers looking to find someone silly enough to do infinite, unspecified work for free. Most of the “sellers” are totally incompetent. Because there are so many of both allowed to prey there, the few decent people get swamped and/or burned.



@strategist_ceo THANK YOU!

Random but, I never go to BR and because of you I just did and I found a brand new logo BR with only 6 offers, and the buyer seems legit. I send my offer. We shall see.

It is a very cool company and I already have visions for the logo.

I have never been able to send a logo offer this early.


That’s buyer requests for ya! I’ve used it a few times just to have random work done that I don’t really need, and it’s never failed to have my notifications flooded with 50 sellers who offer me everything but what I wanted.

I think there needs to be some kind of delay added for sellers to respond to prevent (or at least minimise) the amount of people sending copy/paste garbage.


9 order out of 434 offer, probably not that bad… all things considered.

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I am 9 from 676 and count myself lucky as I know many are worse.

If it weren’t for a couple that were passably paid jobs - none of which I have seen for almost a year - it would have been worthless in the extreme as this advice that a few 5-star reviews would bring real clients was false in the extreme.



9 out of my total 15 order is from Buyer’s Request. It’s still an important component for my growth here.

I haven’t landed a job on any platform that wasn’t BR (or equivalent). I think people don’t look past the “safe” choices on the first page (even if many are far from a good fit - or even capable of doing a truly great job).


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i am send already 140+ offer from buyer request but . i don’t get a single a order but i am waiting for get order :upside_down_face:

This is great but then again it is your category and competition.

I have 2 orders from 600 sent.

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I am selective in replying. I only got 10 opportunities a day… I look forward to no longer depending on buyer request.

I’ve only send 8 offer to BR, this one is the only one that got accepted :

Hi! I would gladly draw that epic fight for you. Fantasy (especially dragon) is my thing. Send me a message if you are interested in my services.

(I’m sad I was inexperience with Fiverr and ended up putting the psd file as sample by mistake, because of that this order doesn’t show in my live portfolio, yet in my opinion it’s the best one I made. :woman_facepalming:)

For the other offers I send I spent way more time writing a nice detailed personalized message, but never got a positive answer. The one that got accepted was so short, just because I wanted to send it fast before the Buyer receive to many offers. My guess is that the Buyers receive so many copy/pasted offers that they just stop looking at them and give up, resulting in them not noticing that one offer that was not copy/pasted.

I must be lucky, I get enough orders I don’t need to use BR. Yesterday, I had to refuse orders because I was booked. Anyway most of the BR I get don’t fit what I do or are really underpriced. Why would I want to illustrate 18 pages of a child book for 5$? I may as well not work at all.


I finally ordered! I got a horrible logo, from a European designer. (No one in their right mind will say it’s well done, in fact it looks crazy and beyond understanding)

delivered work

My instructions: (And you can imagine my horror !)

a lady wearing a golden crown on her head
in the sitting or kneeling position
right hand is raised as if she’s "waving
left hand holds a bag of gold / or resting beside a bag of gold

(This is a cultural design, I know it sounds weird to be a logo for a consultant)

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While I understand your frustration, your post (and the same from many others) assumes that there is one prefect formula you could use to get the business. That not having this “miracle” formula is the only reason you don’t get the job.

This is the core of the stupid style of advice all over the internet for most human-driven things like marketing or music mixing where the assumption is that if you put all the words/knobs in the right order you would be guaranteed a win.

This seems to make sense in a situation but only when you look backwards:

MC Shizzy Jizzer has a hit so some YouTuber selling plugns deconstructs a few technicalities and MC Jizzy Shizzer tries to clone them into this tune on the logic that MC Shizzy Jizzer had his hit as a result of doing those exact things. Yet MC Jizzy Shizzer fails every time. The thing is that MC Shizzy has no exact idea how he got to have that hit. Audiences just felt in-tune with his Story. MC Jizzer is so worried about technicalities that he forgot to have any sense of Story in his song so no one is interested, even if the snare sound is apparently “perfect” the overall result is less appealing than a pancake after a few rounds with Jason Statham.

If your presentations never “hit” then you either have not told a compelling story OR your audience is looking for something completely different from what you do.

As Ze Queen points out most BR are seriously messed-up so there is no moral way to win that work anyway. Just today I had someone want me to do what looks like 100 hours of specialist work to a professional standard. Cool $2,500. Yet his budget is only $150 which equates to $1.50ph less fees. What pro works for that? Also, I noted he didn’t send any examples of the songs to be mixed despite my request, which is just worrying. Not cool. Unless he wises up hugely, this is a job that should not be taken.

So, long story short. What is your Story that you are selling and what story is your customer telling? In my example, the stories that my “customer” & I are telling are not in sync (let alone NSYNC). See how Ms. Queen told a story in her BR winning response that clearly matched the buyer so it went really well.



Ooh that is um, er, unghhhh, oh er


I think you are not paying enough for your Logo as that is not even a nice drawing, let alone a Business mascot or logo.

Unless their other work looks this special, I would say this is cause for a Cancellation as it is totally clueless in every way.



That’s supposed to be a lady? I see a weird creature with elf ears and a huge nose. I now feel reassured in my ability to do logos. It may explain why so many buyers go to illustrators for logos if that’s what happens as soon a some custom art is required. I feel so bad for you this is hideous. :worried:


Oh my…
what are you going to do now? Will you request a revision? Will you ask for cancellation? Or will you just let it go and complete the order with a review?

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