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I posted a buyer's request for a logo... I'm shocked at the seller's offer

From the listed images, I am happy to see after comparison; my logos fit in the first category.

Still not happy with that ruby logo, from the moment I first saw it, but people’s preferences…

Good that you got your money back.

I am not pleasantly surprised by the image he sent you.

I get people to have no skills but even five years old have better skills than that. I do not understand the mind behind that person.
It is almost troll level. I just can’t believe someone is out there trying to sell his services as a logo designer and draw that and think it is acceptable.

It is one thing for us to be in shock, but how come he does not see it. He actually did that, draw that and send it to paying client.


He have a perfect profile with lots of good logos too. :man_shrugging:t3:

It’s morning and I am just getting up and I am scrolling and that image you shared…

How? I want to talk with this person. Look me in the eyes and tell me how did you think this would ever pass.
To create profile and gig he needs to have same minimal IQ about how business works, so not a 7year old. But his image and beliefs this could work are on the level of a toddler. Only toddler would expect to get an “amazing work, let’s put it on the fridge” response to that.

This is just too much to take in, I honestly thought all those “no skills” designers at least know how to use logo makers online or draw in vector, basics but still.


Let’s say that “universal price” for a loaf of bread is $10 (I need wiggle room). There are some people who make specialist bread (with cheese) and sell it for $15. These a good prices based on the cost of flour, eggs, bread makers, bread sellers, and of course bread buyers. The economy is stable.

A new baker comes to town and rather than taking a new trade he wants to step into the bread game here. He launches his business with the usual $10 loaf but also shows a new loaf with seeds on top. That is $11. People get excited for seeds. He becomes “the seed guy” and overall while other bakers lose a bit of business they all do ok as $10 bread is still stable and $15 cheese bread unaffected. There is now $11 seed bread. The world got bigger.

Along comes a fellow called Freddie. He wants to make bread. He knows he isn’t very good at it and doesn’t know how to slice cheese or how to sprinkle seeds. He wants to take the world by storm. So he says, I’ll out clever 'em all. He decides to sell bread for $1.

Despite the fact, his bread tastes like used shoes, the market goes into freefall as his price discrepancy is too hard to make sense of so people assume $10 bread was a rip-off all along. Helped in great part as Freddie’s whole marketing campaign is based around how everyone is a rip-off (remember his bread tastes terrible).

It makes no sense for Freddie to sell bread at $1 when the universal price is $10. Even if Freddie is a bit unsure of himself and wants to trade on price alone $9 might make sense. $1 makes no sense at all. (a new type of bread would be better for everyone, esp Freddie)

Someone saying oh but my dollar in my country is worth different so I should work at less is insane. Bonkers. Bebebbeeelly dribbly insane. When they could work at the universal rate and make sure they offer a comparable loaf of bread.

How great would that be if you lived in Outerdollarayearland to be able to sell your bread on a level playing field for $10!!! So why do people not do exactly that instead of putting a spanner in the works?

A sane customer doesn’t care where you live, what color you are, where you put it in whom last night, after kneeling to what God. All they care is that they get a nice loaf of bread with or without cheese or seeds or whatever variation you came up with.


@marinapomorac I made that logo and it worked for that lady. I never say it is great work but it serves its purpose for her. This is why I put it in the semi-pro slot as it “does, the job” and tells the story that business wanted to tell. I never suggest it were as perfect as if it were done by a $50,000 branding professional. The difference between mine and that abomination tho should be apparent to anyone - esp the person who made it with claims they make Pro logos. the Bayer logo I chose because many would think it more boring than bad droppings. But it’s Proness cannot be questioned.

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Yes, I saw the topic and read it all when it was happening about the ruby logo, it was long time ago last year.

It is not the image itself, my point was scalability and usage. She can’t really use it on marketing materials like fabric because the lines are to thin of the letters and diamond has shading when you zoom out is not noticable.

That’s the main catch with logo, where and how it is going to be used.

My mind is always going toward apps icons.

But what you did shows effort and understanding of logo basics. I would put more distance between yours and that crazy drawing. The rating would go Bayern 10, yours 7 and that one -10.

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congratulations, Really when waiting with Patience will become a success

The weakness of this argument is assuming the price of the loaf of bread is “universal” because the value of the dollar varies between nations, even in a stable economic environment.

I understand where you are coming from, but Fiverr is a melting pot, and many of us will lose to the competition but make up for it by trade-craft that caters to the English speaking client.

Hello! This is so true. I am a seller, but I tried posting a request as a buyer to see the what usually happens on the other side. I received more than 100 replies in less than 30minutes and no one, as in NO ONE of the sellers seemed to have read my request. They seemed to be all “copy-paste” and some of them even flooded my inbox and kept sending me messages for a couple of days… It’s sad that a small percentage of sellers might actually read the request and replied accordingly, but got covered by these useless offers…

I replied to 3 offer, the 1st to that guy who gave me a horrible logo… the 2nd is a nice guy but not suitable (he says he has ideas that were rejected… then turn on those logo creators, which I know how to use as well).

And the 3rd. My respond to an offer was marked as SPAM… (interestingly some buyer who replied to my offer, also went into the SPAM folder). Can I assume that 30% of my offers set are somewhat wasted as well? :sweat_smile:


I just started, and watched a bunch of video made by professional to learn. And that’s the first advice they give, but so far trying to explain that to my customers have been like telling a toddler they can’t have candy because they just went to the dentist. If I were to give something like the Bayer logo to one of my customer I would probably get an outraged: “I paid 70$ for that!”. It sounds ridiculous to anybody who knows a minimum about logos, but that’s how their mind think. So I just make what they want, as long as they are happy with it and pay me.

I faced the same problem with tattoo design, they were complaining about their tattoos being too simple compared to my illustrations. Trying to explain to them that having the equivalent of the Sistine Chapel ceiling on their pinky toe was a bad idea and that the tattoo artist wouldn’t be able to do it, was like talking to a wall of bricks.


I also watched a bunch of video to learn web design. I offered word press gig 3 weeks ago but decided to take it offline, I intend to expand what I can do on Fiverr… hoping to tide the covid period out.

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Yes I see this ALOT, someone wanted 27 childrens illustrations for $10! :flushed:

This was my whole point: the massive disconnect that is developing in places like this is that the Professional and Semi-Professional should scale exactly as you scored. Not ever as in the “thing”. I know not all sellers do that abominable work but we have to accept that far too many think that is ok and they are amongst us, destroying what we do (both as buyers & sellers). Pretending is not a real issue is allowing it.

But pricing is universal in a Universal Market (of which Fiverr is) and currency conversations are a strawman argument used only by people who want to take advantage of them for less than honorable reasons, like the factory that moves to Outeronedollarayearland to increase the margin when they still sell their bread for $10 back “home”.

I get that someone clueless in Outeronedollarayearland might think oh but I can sell my bread for $1 but that is illogical thinking if in the real market bread is $10. Sell $10 bread and look for ways to do something different like putting cream in the middle (mmmm cream buns) to allow your to be attractive to a section of the market (did I say mmmm cream buns) and even to charge a premium like the cheese & seed guys. I said it yesterday, the buyer doesn’t care where you are, so long as you deliver yummy bread. That the $10 to you is like $150 is a bonus and really raises you & your country far better than snookering the whole market into nothingness as that only makes you poorer.

I get that it is a bit harder now that so many Freddies have been able to come in and offer Cheese Bread with Cream & Seeds for $1 (even tho like your lovely logo they are inedible) so the sense of value in the market is FUBAR. But it can be recovered if people stop chasing the insanity that created the mess in the first place and tossing around strawman arguments to support the irrationality.


found best reply !!! :laughing: i like it


It is refreshing to see some truly talented people in the Fiverr pool that tends to be swamped with um, not so talented people.

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(His eyes were probably closed throughout the process :wink: )


I had a couple of clients saying they are a little reserved after seeing all my portfolio because some work is superb and some are not as per liking.

I explain that I offer my designer’s input but if the client wants gold, don’t on yellow background, the client gets gold, don’t on yellow background.

Not bothered, it can’t be seen or read. He likes it and left a fantastic review, so…

You can’t win on both ends.

But imagine @strategist_ceo was one of those Fiverr users that keep Fiverr going with sellers like that and thought that is a great logo, and left 5* review and that image is now in sellers portfolio… Just imagine…

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I don’t disagree with you. The universal price was $10 (in your case) but when enough new players are coming in, making you a minority. The universal price will drop, and the new universal price is going to be $1.

I’m not saying that it’s healthy. I’m just saying that’s how the economy works.

The good thing is that the platform is serving mostly English-speaking clients and even if the new universal price is $1, $10 will be considered a “premium” and the clients know that when they talk to the new baker. We are here to stay.

I understand that the market has been FUBARd by too many sellers who think price alone can be their unique point(!) but as long as we go, oh well, we encourage that mindset which does more damage to everyone then good.

Like the people who offer happy platitudes to the person who claims to be an expert marketer but can’t market their $5 Gig. They should be told that their approach is mental and to go find something interesting to do instead of expecting to get paid for garbage (like that logo you got handed).

New players who go straight to $1 should be made very aware of what they are doing as should buyers who think that $1 is a great price. If you wouldn’t work for it, it is immoral to expect it of anyone else, no matter where they live.

If better sellers can’t set the tone of the market then are as responsible as those who come to make things like your logo and expect that it can be called “professional”.


I agree with everything you’re saying… I’m sure you have your fair experience with buyers looking to get everything within 5 bucks. It’s not going to change anytime soon.

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