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I posted a buyer's request for a logo... I'm shocked at the seller's offer

I agree it’s not a fair price. I was looking for a “rejected logo” but this guy was telling me that he wants to do it for the review, which I understand, that was me 50 days ago. I know I should cancel.

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I can’t share the 1st delivery, he downloaded a picture and “spray colored” on her overall attire… and didn’t hide the fact that it is the jpg file that I sent him, a woman kneeling & waving, a human version of the Japanese icon (which I gave him 9 kitty photos & logo)

Can’t share because of a cultural belief (of a vandalized icon). Basically (the same image but colored digitally) in a lazy manner.


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I contacted the CS and let them decide. If I am not an active seller, I won’t hesitate cancelling. I’m just unsure about the algorithm in the background.

If that helps (doubt it does!) a project of mine needed a logo too (I wasn’t the one arranging it but a friend) and… The results were very similar.
BR is… It think at some point it used to be a decent place to start at while you were still trying to understand the site / work on your gigs (and maybe even explore what you enjoyed doing). Since then it has become…
A hot mess, really.
(I’m FIRMLY against getting a sketch of a logo / illustration before paying but part of me is starting to feel like it makes sense with newbies who have questionable portfolios.)


It is totally scary that this person offers Logos (which indicate a certain professionalism) yet cobbled together some random and mismatched bits of clip art and is so mind-blind they can’t realize that this is not remotely pro anything.

Also not remotely like the hand-waving kittie in every Asian restaurant. I would not have put those two concept images together at all from that abomination.


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Which are rescaled so horribly that they even got blurry. And his use of magic wand is :grimacing:p
It’s so bad that there is actually nothing to discuss.


I’m outright insulted by that monstrosity. Yuck.


Much better.


@strategist_ceo looks like you are buying a sketch from @imagination7413 :wink:


Much much better! At least your version is cute, not like that sleep paralysis demon up there.


Thanks for the vote, but nah. I just needed something to act as a mild brain-bleach and it’s easiest to mix it myself.


I think it is impressive as an object lesson in how not to do good work.

The advice all those new sellers offering the world for $5 (based on this sort of thing) are looking for yet not getting.

Here is a comparison I just made between the Bayer Logo which is true “professional” in every respect. I then show one I made for a friend who paid $150 and then what on Fiverr seems to be the idea of what is “professional”. I notice a slight difference :open_mouth:


Aw, don’t put us all in the same boat. I’m on Fiverr and I make logos now. They may not be true professional quality yet, but at least you can tell what it is. Here’s one I’m working on right now, it’s just the clean sketch. It’s a company that provides reptile specimens to schools for dissection as well as taxidermy services. (To french speaker: no, “sans” is not a typo, lol)


Nah, you don’t got it. You’re nowhere compared to that wolf in clip-art clothing. Far too much original content. Your creature is far too recognizable and the lettering shows altogether too much care. The circle being round is just de rien.

I am not saying that all sellers are like that one at all just pointing out that there is far too much of the sense that all three of those things I showed are equal. Fiverr is allowing this sense that the scrappy is as good as the others. Too many newbies now think that this is the way to do it for a quick buck without any sense of doing Great Work. Too many buyers support it by wanting to pay too little to justify any better.

Besides, answering personally, I already know that you do pretty darned amazing work so you were never being tarred with my satire.


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It’s not that I felt targeted, my comment wasn’t to be taken too seriously. But what I showed is the first logo I design from scratch. Ok I can draw, it’s a plus. But I could ask my 12 years old to draw a lady with a crown kneeling down, while holding a bag of money in one hand and waving with the other and she would at least make something that’s recognizable. What I’m trying to say is that even someone who’s not professional at all could at least draw something that looks like what it is suppose to look even if it’s poor quality.

But this “thing” is something else, I mean it’s bellow not trying. It’s not even a poor designer or someone with no skills, it’s just scamming people. Delivering “something” just to try to prevent the order being cancelled.

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I know you weren’t and my reply was very tongue in cheek. As was the image.

That this “seller” delivered that abomination as if it were professional on any level is what I was targeting with that image and it is not just the one bad apple but I see so many sellers who really cannot deliver what they claim.

As a Mix Engineer, I listen to the work of others, and most I wouldn’t hire for any price, let alone the $15 they say will deliver a mix comparable to anything on the radio - I may not like Lady Gargle or Ed Sheepman but their tracks are mixed well. Many of the mix and music work I hear is not “interesting” or “character” but just bad. Ed wouldn’t hire them even whilst on a serious bender.

Of course that upsets me when these $15 Fiverr Freddies get work and I struggle because I mix properly which means it is not TOO EFFING LOUD (just as you would probably not ever make a drawing like the one you showed with everything in the same shade of shocking pink - yay contrast).

The gigs offering logos are as bad. Other generic gigs are equally easy to see that there is nothing good on offer. There is just a sense of deserving to be paid for whatever garbage they put in the Delivery Box when the time is up.

The image I posted is showing the sense that far too many people think that all three levels are equal which makes fools of us all. This atrocity just made perfect fodder for that contrast where “Professionalism” Fiverr-style has developed a whole other meaning from the usual sense.



Confirmation bias is at play. If I am living at Bathurst, NSW, or Adelaide now… I might sell my main gig as a “business strategist/consultant” easier than listing my location as Thailand. Few people will pay a fair rate, even if they know our qualification…

The starting point is unfair to non-western country people, even if they can communicate in English up to 90% (which is where I see myself as, debatable… I know).

Fiverr allows a breathing space for struggling businesses to “come up” with something in their marketing effort. Some of those struggling ones (who cannot afford your fees) are bound to hit the wall sometime.

People think “pricier means better”, there is a market for you and you will have an easier time sustaining it because you’re a pro. There is also a market for me to “start low” and climb to the same level as you’re. We just need to prove our worth in this waiting game… and it takes authentic reviews and happy clients in the beginning.

On a side note, customer service had canceled the order on my behalf.
:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


From the listed images, I am happy to see after comparison; my logos fit in the first category.

Still not happy with that ruby logo, from the moment I first saw it, but people’s preferences…

Good that you got your money back.

I am not pleasantly surprised by the image he sent you.

I get people to have no skills but even five years old have better skills than that. I do not understand the mind behind that person.
It is almost troll level. I just can’t believe someone is out there trying to sell his services as a logo designer and draw that and think it is acceptable.

It is one thing for us to be in shock, but how come he does not see it. He actually did that, draw that and send it to paying client.


He have a perfect profile with lots of good logos too. :man_shrugging:t3:

It’s morning and I am just getting up and I am scrolling and that image you shared…

How? I want to talk with this person. Look me in the eyes and tell me how did you think this would ever pass.
To create profile and gig he needs to have same minimal IQ about how business works, so not a 7year old. But his image and beliefs this could work are on the level of a toddler. Only toddler would expect to get an “amazing work, let’s put it on the fridge” response to that.

This is just too much to take in, I honestly thought all those “no skills” designers at least know how to use logo makers online or draw in vector, basics but still.


Let’s say that “universal price” for a loaf of bread is $10 (I need wiggle room). There are some people who make specialist bread (with cheese) and sell it for $15. These a good prices based on the cost of flour, eggs, bread makers, bread sellers, and of course bread buyers. The economy is stable.

A new baker comes to town and rather than taking a new trade he wants to step into the bread game here. He launches his business with the usual $10 loaf but also shows a new loaf with seeds on top. That is $11. People get excited for seeds. He becomes “the seed guy” and overall while other bakers lose a bit of business they all do ok as $10 bread is still stable and $15 cheese bread unaffected. There is now $11 seed bread. The world got bigger.

Along comes a fellow called Freddie. He wants to make bread. He knows he isn’t very good at it and doesn’t know how to slice cheese or how to sprinkle seeds. He wants to take the world by storm. So he says, I’ll out clever 'em all. He decides to sell bread for $1.

Despite the fact, his bread tastes like used shoes, the market goes into freefall as his price discrepancy is too hard to make sense of so people assume $10 bread was a rip-off all along. Helped in great part as Freddie’s whole marketing campaign is based around how everyone is a rip-off (remember his bread tastes terrible).

It makes no sense for Freddie to sell bread at $1 when the universal price is $10. Even if Freddie is a bit unsure of himself and wants to trade on price alone $9 might make sense. $1 makes no sense at all. (a new type of bread would be better for everyone, esp Freddie)

Someone saying oh but my dollar in my country is worth different so I should work at less is insane. Bonkers. Bebebbeeelly dribbly insane. When they could work at the universal rate and make sure they offer a comparable loaf of bread.

How great would that be if you lived in Outerdollarayearland to be able to sell your bread on a level playing field for $10!!! So why do people not do exactly that instead of putting a spanner in the works?

A sane customer doesn’t care where you live, what color you are, where you put it in whom last night, after kneeling to what God. All they care is that they get a nice loaf of bread with or without cheese or seeds or whatever variation you came up with.


@marinapomorac I made that logo and it worked for that lady. I never say it is great work but it serves its purpose for her. This is why I put it in the semi-pro slot as it “does, the job” and tells the story that business wanted to tell. I never suggest it were as perfect as if it were done by a $50,000 branding professional. The difference between mine and that abomination tho should be apparent to anyone - esp the person who made it with claims they make Pro logos. the Bayer logo I chose because many would think it more boring than bad droppings. But it’s Proness cannot be questioned.

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