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I potentially have a new market! Need some feedback/advice


So I’m brand new to Fiverr. So far, I think this site and it’s potential is absolutely amazing. As a matter of fact, before I decided to create my first Gig, I purchased some logo design work from a seller, and was extremely impressed with this site and the idea behind it. It intrigued me, so I got to thinking.

I’m a professional automotive diagnostic technician. It’s what I do every day. To put it simply, I get paid by individuals, independent shops and garages, of all sizes, and dealerships (among many others) to diagnose (and sometimes actually repair) difficult and hard to find problems with vehicles of all makes and models that they cannot figure out themselves. Sometimes I work with the actual owner of the vehicle, sometimes I’ve been the third or fourth person called in to look at the vehicle. But after that, it’s been diagnosed and/or repaired. I also provide reprogramming of vehicle computers, adding of keys, airbag modules, etc.

Over the years of being in this profession, I have witnessed people in different situations like to do their own research before taking their vehicle to a repair facility or their favorite mechanic. People like to have confidence that what they looked up, or read, or info that was given, can be trusted. The amount of misinformation about repairing/diagnosing automobiles is astounding. These vehicles that I help other technicians diagnose, normally had a problem that the owner tried to fix themselves or at least did research into the problem online. Hoping to spend less money, and in return end up spending more money and getting frustrated, breaking down and taking it to a local shop to spend even more money. Giving a bad reputation to the whole automotive service industry. It’s not the consumers fault, it’s the provider of the misinformation or misguided diagnosing/repairing.

My hope here is to build a community of good information on diagnosing and repairing automobiles. With smartphones and other technology, it makes it completely possible to have pictures, video, audio, etc. easily sent over to be looked at and analyzed. At the very least, a goal of mine here is to inform the consumer so they can fight back against mechanics that work without service information and who “shotgun” parts onto vehicles. And dealerships aren’t excluded from that. I’m offering to give you the ammunition you need to go to your local shop/dealership (if you can’t repair it yourself with guidance from me) and get your repairs done right and fairly. Because you’ll have a better understanding of what exactly is wrong with your vehicle. From an actual, every-day-working automotive tech who not only pays hundreds of dollars a month to have access to professional service information but is highly respected and called upon by even seasoned technicians and shops. Which again, is something I have seen people express standing on the other side of the counter at an automotive repair facility. Normally though, and my point of this is, that that information that they think is solid, is unfortunately wrong or misguided and it ends up costing them more than what they originally thought or assumed. And that leads to a “blind-side” or sticker shock again giving the impression the auto repair industry is untrustworthy. With better understanding from the get go, if the repair really is that serious, you can take it and plan accordingly and responsibly.

Again, I’m obviously brand new here. And this market for Fiverr is absolutely brand new. I’m actually hoping a member of the Fiverr team will see this topic because my skills and my offerings and such aren’t even “in the system” :laughing: But I’m looking for feedback, thoughts, questions, etc. Do you think this is a viable service for Fiverr? Would you or maybe someone you know use it? I have a few other technicians I work with on a regular basis, so will be multiple opinions and multiple “minds” available to anyone interested in purchasing my Gigs.

One thing that swayed me to post a Gig, was that I tend to diagnose and give advice and opinions remotely for my existing clients as it is. Normally over the phone/text. So why not provide that service to a greater community?

Thanks to everyone in advance :slight_smile:



Great Idea, get all the kinks worked on Feverr but then make it an app. Sounds like a great app.


Thank you! That’s a good idea!


Hi Blake!

I think it sounds like a fabulous idea! I had a car which showed various faults on the dash etc. and didn’t have a clue what they meant, and the garage couldn’t sort them either! Ended up trading it in for a newer one.

I hope it goes really well for you and good luck on Fiverr!

P.S. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions, and don’t be tempted to go off Fiverr by email etc - you’d get into trouble for that.


Haha thank you and too bad I couldn’t help you get that sorted! :slight_smile:


Dear Blake:

I’m confident that you’ll do your homework, but my first advice to you is that you not rush to market with your most ambitious plan.

I would suggest that you first establish yourself on Fiverr by offering a 10- to 30- ebook on the simplest form of your idea. like the “So You Want to Repair Your Car Yourself Checklist.”

Again, the first edition can be 10 pages, and you can revise and expand based on Buyer Feedback. You can work on getting your game tight on Fiverr. You can see if there’s a demand for what you do on this site. At some point, you may decide that you’ve created a book that you can sell at online bookstores…

Delivering an ebook on Fiverr takes moments of your time. Being an author helps to establish your authority. There are lots of Sellers on Fiverr who offer ghostwriting services. (There are a whole slew of caveats, and buying on Fiverr is its own art form, so I won’t go into that here).

Once you have your ebook gig established to your satisfaction, you could offer related ebooks, or slowly build out your ideas.

The best part is that if you use the proceeds of your book to buy Services on Fiverr, you will save yourself transaction and processing fees.

When the time comes, make a video of yourself talking to the camera, because this approach garners IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Include additional samples in the video!

Good luck,

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Be sure to make use of Tools like the Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Academy, Fiverrcast, and Fiverr Support.

I suggest you check out Fiverrcast episode 08: Working Through Language Barriers.

As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

I can give you a better level of assistance if you first work your way through the checklist below. That way, I won’t waste your one turn by advising you to follow items on the checklist. Please study this thread to better appreciate what I’m talking about here. It should take you a minimum of 4 weeks to make your way through all the material.

If you haven’t already read Strengths Finder 2.0 and taken that assessment, I suggest you do so, because it should give you the language to express your strengths and help you to brainstorm some gigs for which you are especially well qualified. Check out the writing of Chris Guillebeau and Tim Ferriss. By Josh Kaufman, I recommend The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast!
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It’s a great idea, but it’s not a brand-new idea on Fiverr. It would go under Lifestyle & Fun, and then under Lessons, I think. I found a couple of gigs doing the same thing, neither of which had yet had a rating. So no overnight success story there. However, neither had a video and both look very amateurish. One promised to give advice within two days, which is kind of like having a horse drawn ambulance.

I suggest your first gig: “I will diagnose your car problem in 1 hour,” then keep your smartphone handy so you’re not late. Speed could be your selling point.

Without plugging into their diagnostics port, you will have some key information missing in making your diagnosis, but there are people on Fiverr who make good money as psychics, so I think this community can live with some guesswork.

Above all (!!!), make sure you record a good gig video. This will make or break a gig like this. You really have no hope without it, I think.

Good luck becoming the Car Talk of Fiverr.

Bob :slight_smile:


Dear Blake:

I want to reinforce Bob’s point by suggesting you take a look at his gig videos.

He sets a standard that all New Sellers would be wise to emulate.

Good luck,


Thank you so much for you feedback. I absolutely plan to do a video. I created my account late last night, so the evening lighting wasn’t the best :joy: Definitely not afraid of being in front of the camera. And I really like the idea about the e-book, just not sure where I would even start with that to be perfectly honest.

And @selfors It’s funny you mention the hour thing, it’s basically what I promise my customers in real life. Give me an hour and I can figure it out. Also, I have an option to send out a code reader in my highest package to plug into the diagnostic port to help my process and to help educate the buyer even more (if they are so inclined).

Keep the feedback coming, I’d love to develop this idea into something viable! Thank you so much to everyone so far! This site and community are absolutely incredible. And I’ve been here less than 24 hours! :slight_smile:


Dear Blake:

I’d suggest you approach the ebook the same way you did with your first purchase on Fiverr.

Look around to find a technical ghost writer. Vet the Seller carefully.

If they’re good at what they do, they should be able to interview you and do the research. You may be able to provide your notes and guidance in whatever form, and they can go from there.

First, buy a $5 blog post. Review it, check it out to make sure it’s quality, original writing, then go back to the same Buyer for more. Once you post the post to your blog with a link to your Fiverr profile page, you should start to receive inquiries that way.

Once you have 10 pages, you can offer the first edition, then continuously revise and expand behind the scenes.

Rinse and repeat.

The other caveat to bear in mind is that Earth is a round planet.

The only reason not to offer 1-hour service is that the middle of the night for you is business hours for someone else.

Fiverr doesn’t really provide the tools to account for that, so I believe you’d still be wise to set your delivery time to at least 1 day. You’ll have to set up your copy so your Buyers understand the reality that you cannot diagnose their car trouble while you are unconscious…

Good luck,


Amazing advice. Thank you so much. I really like the idea of the e-book, and I’m definitely not against paying to have stuff written for me. I really think I may have something great here, and I’m excited to go forward with it!