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I provide a better service but not many orders

I have been on fiverr for roughly 3.5 months no and I have only gotten 5 orders. I guess it’s okay but I am willing to get more.

My service is very good compared to others. I provide a lower price with more work done. Also, my fifth buyer gave me a $25 tip for a job well done.

I need a way to get noticed, I have tried sharing my gig on twitter and I am definitely getting more views but not orders. My average clicks/views is 5-10 clicks and 20 views.

Well I hope one of you guys can help because I really would like to start making some extra cash on fiverr. Thanks!

Tell us about what you’ve learned from Fiverrcast:

Ryan: And I am Ryan AKA Customdrumloops and today me and Adam are flying solo and we’re covering the topic of standing out in the crowd and both of us offer Gigs that are in competitive categories, Adam doing design work, me doing both audio and explainer videos. So let’s jump right into the topic. Adam, I think this is going to be a fun one.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. I mean I think it’s one of the – kind of the biggest challenges a user faces when they first – or a seller faces when they first come on to the site, because they kind of look at it and think, “What can I offer?” There are a thousand other people offering this service. How can I make myself stand out?

Ryan: Right. And I mean the thing I think a lot of people overlook is the fact that because there are so many people offering this, that means there are a lot of buyers looking for that. So there are big opportunities for new sellers to break into that.

I would love to learn from it, but I am just not willing to read for a few hours. Is there any different way for tips?

You’re not going far with that attitude. Also, you’re offering unlimited revisions on a 10$ gig. That’s crazy - not only bad for you, but bad for other sellers in your category (such as myself). Don’t try to underprice people, that won’t get you anywhere.

Not sure what you are trying to say… Having unlimited revisions means I won’t get a negative review… I provide a satisfaction guarantee too. How is this bad for me?

It means you are willing to work, potentially, infinite hours for 10$. Unlimited means unlimited. I can order something for 10$ and make you work for the rest of your life on it, if I want to. That’s absurd. You should NEVER offer unlimited revisions, for any price.

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Haha! I’m sure someone is not going to order your gig and ask for unlimited revisions. That will just be wasting their money and time.

If nobody will ask for unlimited revisions, why are you offering them? You’re making no sense. Anyway, let’s say I buy a gig for 10$. And then I’ll ask you for 10 revisions. If each revision takes you 1 hour… How much are you making?

Also, I wonder why other video editors procide Unlimited Revisons :thinking:

Because they lack skill. I’m a video editor. I don’t offer unlimited revisions. I don’t work for 5$ or 10$ unless it’s extremely simple. I’m doing rather well. I wonder why…

And nobody provides unlimited revisions. Some people SAY they do, but nobody does. It’s just a cheap marketing tactic that GOOD buyers do not care about at all. You know which buyers are attracted by “UNLIMITED REVISIONS!!!1!!!”? Terrible buyers that I do not want to work with anyway.

I saw your gig video and the audio sounds jumpy at around 32 seconds. You also have a spelling mistake with the word “guarantee” (you wrote “guarentee”).

And your gig’s too desperate, you’re offering a free sample, why would you do that?

If you can’t afford to have good audio, then just have a bunch of images, with words, transitions, and a nice music.

Besides, it’s arrogant to assume you provide a better service. How would you know? Have you ever hired your competitors? Go ahead, hire whoever is on the top row and see if they are better than you.

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I didn’t mean a better service, but I provide more for the price.

Anyway thanks everyone for the replies. Sorry if I sounded like I had a bad attitude.

The way to succeed is to provide a better service, not to undercut prices. And you’ll reach that conclusion by yourself eventually, when you’re stuck working hours for a couple of dollars with cheap clients that are never satisfied.

Well, I wouldn’t keep it unlimited revisions, I would wait until I start to get noticed and build my reputation. Then start to try and make much more money. Thank you for your opinions though. :slight_smile:

Scrap the video editing gig completely and offer standalone video products. Weddings, promos, etc. Just request your buyers to supply you the footage they want using or charge them more so that you can download and use some relevant stock footage.

Keep a video editing gig like the one you have if you want. Just maximize your exposure by cranking up the number and type of products you offer and promoting each with its own awesome video.

As it is your current gig seems to be trying to do/offer too many things at once.

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Thank you for your reply. I will do that!

Your welcome. Remember to give me lots of money if my advice makes you rich.


This is why I think people should specify what they’ve done to help themselves, before they ask for help on the Forum…