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I provide high-quality fashion CAD flat sketches

Hello there!

I am an expert in creating Fashion CAD flat sketches with clients such as Acne Studios, ARKET, & Other Stories and Rodebjer.

I offer high-quality Fashion CAD flat sketches for your design.

Interested? Contact me directly, I would be excited to be working with you.

Best wishes,


Dear @janahipp
Thanks for showing your skills. I hope that, you will get your appropriate job. Good Luck!

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Hi @mamun793

Thank you so much for the pep talk :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to receive my first offer.

Good luck to you, too!

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Nice to meet you. @janahipp :sunglasses:

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Same to you @mamun793 !

What are you good at? :slight_smile:

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Thanks… @janahipp
I’m good at Graphic Design. :grinning:

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Fun :smiley: !

If you have a minute - I would totally appreciate if you want to have a look at my first gig and give me your first impression feedback.

Thank you so much and good luck with everything!

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Oh sure. Thank you so much. And I hope, see you again.

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