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I Published 4 Gig But No Order.(Please Suggest Me)

Hello Reader I’m SEO expert. I published 4 gig my profile.but i don’t getting any order.
I want to suggest from expert freelancer.


Your question has been asked and answered many times on the Fiverr Forum.

Kindly use the :mag: search feature and you will find many threads answering your question.


Keep working bro…i am having 6 gigs up and running…still i get very few orders…just keep working and soon all your hardwork will be paid off

What “hard work” are you encouraging him to do? If you’re going to offer advice, you need to be more specific. To be helpful, you need to provide insight into what you think the OP needs to do in order to be successful.


I was talking about sending buyer requests and creating social network and all those stuff…and since you are a level 1 seller…why dont you suggest what to do

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That toh ill give bro…just a tip for you…dont be so rude and arrogant…not good for you


Thank you for advice me

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To be a SEO expert in English requires a basic grasp of English grammar.

Could it be that potential buyers are reading your profile and gig descriptions and then realising that maybe your English language skills aren’t up to scratch?

That’s not a criticism by the way, but a genuine thought about why maybe you’re not getting any orders.


you actually not know what matters for a new seller
every new seller have a dream to get his first order :pray: :pray:

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If you are seo expert, try to understand the fiver’s algorithm and do online and ofline seo of your gig. Thank you.

active onlin and share your gig on social media.

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He is a SEO expect, creating 7 gigs in the same category means repeating the services offered. Also you can create 100 gigs but if they are in the same category you can access only one buyer request category.

i mean
he need to create in same category but different sub-category
this will help

Active online,Be patience :heart:

Being active online does NOT guarantee more sales.

Yes, patience is important, but even moreso is action. What productive actions do you think he could take to improve his gig and build his success?


I think an eye-catching gig and a nice description can bring some success

It can, yes. But there are no guarantees. If you want success, you need customers. And if you want customers, you are going to have to do market research to understand what those customers need. Merely posting a gig with an eye-catching description does not guarantee orders.

Success does not come to those who create gigs, and then sit around and wait for things to happen. You will need to think like a businessman, and go out and MAKE things happen. Success comes to those who are bold, creative, ambitious, and always working to achieve the goals they set.


Thanks a lot,It’s a inspiration for me to do well… :heart:


Are you aware that she was a new seller when she started, just like everyone else?

Then how come she’s getting sales?


why are you saying like that
my meaning is that using buyer request is magic trick for new sellers