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I put limit on orders and now impressions are too low

Hi everyone, I hope you all are well.
I am a level one seller. My january and feb both months was very good with my clients ratio. But at tha last of feb I got too much work so I thought it better to put limit on my orders so I can finish the Starting orders first in an accurate way rather than taking so many orders and I could not complete them before deadline.

So the problem now is that when I completed those orders and remove limit from my gig but my gig’s impressions and clicks are down and views are up by the way. And no any client came since 1 day.

Actually daily so many clients came even I had to say them that “sorry I don’t have time”. But this one day forcing me to become worrt about my business.

I am taking my gig as my career, and I am getting success in this as well. Please let me know is there everythin alright? Because I am so worried, this is my only business and source of income.
Can’t wait to read your satisfied replies.
Thank you all in advance!
God Bless you All !
May you all get more success in your businesses.


Even though you might have been contacted daily in the past two months. No one can guarantee that you will be contacted daily for eternity.

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I once read that because fiverr showcases and promotes the gigs of new sellers, the gigs of the more experienced sellers get pushed to another page, and those of the new sellers appear in their place (maybe).
Dont worry, the buyers would still approach you because of your reviews and credibility eventually. :slight_smile:


Yes I have total 80 reviews and all of them are positive and 99% of them are 5 starts


Once the number of orders in queue reaches the set limit, your gig gets removed from Fiverr’s search/listings. Once your gig gets temporarily removed from Fiverr’s search, your impressions will obviously reduce (cuz your buyers don’t see it in Fiverr’s search). As soon as the # of orders in queue becomes lesser than the set limit, your gig should go back to being visible in Fiverr’s search (usually within an hour). So, don’t worry too much about it.

It is natural for your impressions/clicks/views to reduce when the # of orders in queue reach the set limit. Wait for a couple of days and see if the impressions start climbing again.


Ok bro thank you, let see.

Good thing, you caught, be patient and see what happing with you.

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I’m using the “limit orders in queue” since I discovered it, so pretty much since I’m on Fiverr, which is over 2 years. It’s very useful to avoid overbooking and as Hans said, whenever your orders get less than your limit, your gig will go back into search after some time.

You also can keep an eye on your active orders and limit and if you, for example, have your limit at 5 and get the 5th or even 4th order, check the requirements and all right away and if you know you could do another order, set the limit to 6 already, so your gig won’t even be out of search, etc. Changing the limit is so quick, vs. for example editing the delivery time, just keep the gig limit in mind any time an order comes in or you send a custom offer.


So miiila can you please let me know if you ever experienxed like you got much orders that you have to limitise your gig for 10 days?
I have this experienced therefore I am getting worrying that due to removing my gig during this time, now may be my gig would gone so down…

Yes, sure, if your gig is out of search for 10 days, just as if you turn on Out of Office mode, that would lower your gig’s search position. Fiverr has clearly stated to multiple people who posted that info on the forum, that their focus is on presenting gigs that are active, thus, logically, gigs that aren’t active, will fall in the ranking.

Your gig will go up again once you’ll deliver again, but how long that will take depends not just on your gig but also on the gigs of your competitors, of course. The ranking is based on a number of factors.
To simplify it, let’s say your gig was out of search for 10 days and on day 11, you deliver, competitor 1 had Out of Office mode on for 5 days and delivers the first order after that on day 12, competitor 2 had his gig in search all the time but got overbooked and delivered 2 orders late, competitor 3 had all gigs in search all the time and all stats are good but they got an account warning for a ToS violation, competitor 5 had her gig in search all the time but had 2 cancellations.
Hard to say whose gig would rank in place 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, right?

What you could do to mitigate the “damage” of having to pause/limit your gig for too long, is to have a gig for something related, same category/niche as your main gig but for something that takes you so little time that you could do a few of those gigs during those (10) days, and put in its description that you also do (what your main gig offers) and to please contact you for that; then people who are interested, can still contact you about that gig and if they are interested enough, maybe they are fine to wait 10+ days. You could send them a custom offer for, e.g. 15 days, you can still send custom offers even when the limit of the gig is reached.

I hope that helps a bit. Generally, you need to keep in mind that Fiverr’s aim isn’t as much to present every sellers’ gigs constantly but to present gigs to potential buyers that are available. So, yes, if your gig isn’t available, there is not much motivation for Fiverr to present it in a high position. Once it is available again, it should climb again, the more, the sooner/more deliveries you make.

ETA: In scenarios like yours, it’s very beneficial to have regular customers, so you’ll have better chances of making deliveries soon after your gig is in search again.
If you don’t have regular customers, it might be good to consider if you can offer something as a gig that would attract people who’d need your service multiple times/regularly - as then you’d even get orders when your gig ranks low(er), and the delivery of those orders should help you regain your gig position faster.


Thanks alot miiila , yes I have my some clients which I think will contact me again if they will need any work.

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