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I QUIT a full-time job to start FIVERR and it is not good

I am a graduate from media studies and I had a full-time job as a social media manager / community manager and I have decided to quit.

Why? Because I didn’t like being bossed around and I was doing more ad-hoc things than the actual things that a social / community manager should do. So I told myself “I can’t live like this” and decided to grab my life into my hands.

I have switched to graphic design because Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were my real passion and so I can even combine the knowledge from my Uni, Hobby and job.

Right now I have like 500 bucks on my bank account. And my Fiverr Experience? I have 0 orders on my gig and currently saving money to pay the rent and get some food but guess what? I’m still happy. I feel free and I keep working on my skills so when i get my FIRST order I can make the first and every on coming customer HAPPY.

If you wish to give me a chance here’s the link for my 1st gig.


Describe your gig in detail, you have just two line description. You can try gigs related to your studies, in which I think you have more experience than the designing.
Your gig thumbnail is not catchy. Wish you best of the luck for a successful freelance journey.


I have made a lot of money in the past year on Fiverr, enough to live on and then some, and I would STILL never quit my day job. My sales could plummet at any time. I mean… dang. Good luck to you though, and kudos for following your dream!


Fiverr is not the 1 day process and you got every thing. According to my experience it takes time…

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Hi! thank you for your feedback! I will consider it and preferably update the gig :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Hi! Thanks for your comment I really appreciate that. I was making a good amount of money to make a living, go to the beach, skiing, eating fancy food but you know, I was still not happy with the job. It didn’t fulfill me at all.

Now I’m broke more than ever but also Happier more than ever. Money can’t buy happiness :slight_smile:

Thank you and good luck to all of us! I would also really appreciate if you could share your best and worst experience with me!


Thanks for the comment. Yes I think so too. It’s just I am a bit worried but still happy! Would you like to share more of your experience with me? :slight_smile:

You are inspiration for me. Work hard, solve life problems and all that with big smile on face :smiley: I don’t wish you luck because you gonna get all you want without it.


I’m sorry, but this is likely going to end badly. You only quit your job when you are already established and/or can bring clients with you from wherever you come from.

Really, just call your job and say you’ve made a mistake.

If you were making great money but now only have $500 in the bank, you aren’t exactly demonstrating a sound history of good personal financial management.

Your new-found positivity will wear off as soon as you can’t pay rent, your Internet bill, your electricity bill, or afford to eat.


I feel your reasoning behind it. I actually had a nervous breakdown at my last office job because I couldn’t understand why I was subjecting myself to this kind of treatment and conditions for this many years.

I did wait to see if I was any good at this freelancing thing first, though. Your approach seem to be a bit too risky. But you seem to be very positive and that’s a good thing. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Patience You have Just Started! Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Hi Zoey,

I also made the decision to go 100% freelance at the start of the year, albeit in a different industry from yourself, so I can understand your frustration. I disagree with the people telling you it’s a big mistake to leave your job, but I can understand their concerns. In the end, the decision is yours and it’s really up to you whether or not this works out for you.

The first thing I’d suggest is improving your profile, gig and descriptions because, to me, they just sound like a hobbyist offering to do casual work. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you want to actually grow your brand and get more orders then you’ll need to put across a much more professional, confidence-inspiring image. At the moment, I can see a variety of errors and badly chosen words that will put buyers off; especially professional companies and those looking for a high-end product.

Secondly, your examples look amateurish. Sorry to be blunt about it, but it’s true. They look like a high school graphic design project. I’m not saying I could do any better or just being rude for the sake of it, but I don’t think they represent your skills well enough to attract a buyer.

Another issue is the fact that you openly describe your skills in Photoshop as being a hobby. Very few buyers will want to spend money on someone’s hobby project, so you might want to think more about your skills with the software you use.

I don’t think you’re entirely wrong to have quit your job to pursue your passion, but I do think that you need to work on your presentation, your phrasing and your general sales copy so that buyers will be more likely to purchase your services.

Another thing to add is this: Have multiple streams of income.

Don’t just focus on your graphic design for logo’s etc. You could offer separate services doing stuff like business cards, invitations, and all sorts of creative work that you’ll enjoy and profit from. You could also use your skills from your media studies degree to earn money. Offer up services to buyers that’ll allow you to utilize your skills in all areas, and don’t just limit yourself to doing graphic design.

Good luck with everything and I hope you get that first order soon!



its really helpfull every person

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I did the same, there were two months of nothing for me on fiverr, but I decided to keep going and now I have a regular income. Don’t give up :slight_smile: (sounds cliche, but it just works)


People are too quick to give up when they don’t get that initial burst of attention they expected. It’s easy to become disillusioned when there’s no work coming in, but it’s something we all have to deal with when we go freelance and should be one of the dangers we’re aware of before we take that first step.

What irks me is that people think that work will just come to them if they just put up a gig on here. The reality is that we should all be actively seeking out work, not only on Fiverr but elsewhere online and in the real-world.

I’m really glad to hear you’ve managed to get a regular income on here! I aim to do the same myself in the long run, but for the moment I’m still building my foundations and developing from there.


Thank you so much! Well a little Luck won’t hurt nobody :smiley:

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Haha thanks for the comment. Yes, fiverr is not the only site I’m seeking work here, don’t worry about that :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing and it just motivates me more! Thank you!

Thank you. I really appreciate the feedback I will work on it :slight_smile:

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Thank you ! I’m just a little bit worried that’s all :slight_smile: