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I QUIT a full-time job to start FIVERR and it is not good

I’m the type of person that quits a job immediately if the job is not taking me anywhere or just makes me frustrated :slight_smile: I know the risk but so far I’ve handled them all :slight_smile:

Sorry to disagree with you. Even at my young age (23) I’ve got tons of different jobs experience and I’m never gonna call and beg for a job that 1) made me frustrated 2)was a mistake to accept in the first place. Of course one thing is paying bills (and no I’m not so dumb that I’m just gonna sit at home waiting for orders, ofc- some part-time jobs time to time)

I don’t like the way you are discouraging me and once I’ll make everything run smoothly, you’ll be the person I’ll be thinking of when I’ll be encouraging someone else “Don’t listen to the people who discourage you from your dreams”

A financial management? Well I’m offering no services related to finances so a bad history of mine of financial management don’t bother at all :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re not the first one to say something like this to me.

I’m not discouraging you, I’m being realistic. Unless you have a lot of savings, you typically start freelancing before you quit your job.

All that said, good luck and welcome to the frustration-free world of freelancing.

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Well, my thing is being frustrated is my natural state so it takes time to figure out if I’m really frustrated or just being myself.

I love your spirit, though. :slight_smile:

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Not very wise to quit your job and start fiverr immediately. Fiverr takes time.


Apologies, I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t looking for work outside of Fiverr! I was talking about people who complain about not getting any work, but when probed a little deeper turn out to be expending very little energy on either their Fiverr gigs or any other area of their professional life.

It’s very much possible to make money on here. I know because I’m doing it at the moment and I only started out last month, so I don’t see any major reason - aside from sprucing up your gig and descriptions - why you won’t gradually get to where you want to be.

Also, my comment about your artwork examples looking like a high school graphic design project wasn’t intended as an insult. There’s no benefit in not being honest, so I tend to be a rather brutal critic…because I’m brutally critical of myself and have ridiculously high standards. :laughing:

Seriously though, I would love to see you develop your career further on here and I believe that you can. Get yourself out there, hammer the buyer requests and build up the best looking portfolio you can create.


I think you can quit your main job and start freelancing on fiverr only if you can become a daily worker on (Market, a store and restaurant…) in case you haven’t orders.

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