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I quit my job on my birthday to focus fulltime on fiverr 😀 🙁


So yeah that happened. This wasn’t a blind decision. I observed my sales grow over the last 6 months and that gave me the courage to quit. I started actively paying attention to fiverr in December 2017. I went from new seller to level 2 in the last 5 months. Its been a week plus now since I left my day job. It’s been scary, sales stalled and I’ve been a bit anxious lately questioning my decision. I am a 27 year old guy living in Ghana and I believe in the gig economy. I pray it doesn’t let me(us) down. My questions to sellers who have been on this platform for more than 1.5 years is: Should I always expect periods like this when everything is slow after just being excellent? And for how long does the drought usually last?


Please, always have a backup plan, just in case. :slightly_smiling_face:


I do. But its still worrying


Fiverr is very unpredictable, and it’s in your best interest to have multiple streams of income - something you do in addition to fiverr.


I apologize in advance, for, I am not someone who should be commenting on this, considering I am a Fiverr newbie. But I’ve been quite active in the forums and I’ve seen a lot of experienced (1.5+ years) sellers say that droughts on Fiverr are not unexpected and that they can happen every now and then. Some people are attributing it to the beautiful weather that many places in the northern hemisphere are experiencing right now (which might make people wanna stay outdoors for longer) and the FIFA world cup :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, let’s see what others say :slight_smile: And, I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors!


Admittedly I’ve only been active on Fiverr for around 10-11 months or so, and yeah, things can be quite hit-or-miss. I’ve been a self-published author for longer though, over 1.5 years, and last year in 2017 before I really got into Fiverr my worst month (after I started actually making money in March of that year) was July. To give some actual monetary figures, I recall March giving me $45 after I made almost nothing prior to that, then April was $50, followed by around $35 for May, $25 for June (seeing a pattern?), and finally $15 for July. That remained my lowest month until just this recent May in which I got something like $11.60 or so lol

That was just TWO months after, by far, what had been my best month at the time; March, when I made $225 primarily from Fiverr but also a little bit from my self-published books. So I guess May had been my most recent drought, and June had been quiet quiet as well, made something like $35 in June.This month though?.. I still can’t bloody well believe it. In the first week I made nearly $150 which in and of itself is more than I’ve made in ANY previous month save for March. I’m STILL getting orders regularly, including my biggest order thus far, and so I’m set to make over $400 this month! This is ESPECIALLY surprising, since…

It really does make sense that the summer months would be tricky for writers. More people going outside to ‘enjoy the weather’, I say that with some level of sarcasm because I’m one of those rare masochistic Canadians who can’t get enough of the cold and the snow. I was missing the snow before it was even all melted, but I digress, during the summer there’d be more people out in the Sun and I figure fewer people reading. That means less reading is being done, which means fewer books being sold and fewer Fiverr orders for pieces of writing being purchased. Probably not just for personal consumption but also by ghostwriters since the books they already have published are likely not making as much money as they typically do!

So, I’m hoping, and yeah it might merely be wishful thinking but I’m hoping none the less, that my GREAT success thus far this month will only increase as the months get cooler and the days get shorter. Hopefully my days of having months in which I make less than 3-figures are behind me, and perhaps as things continue and I get more buyers and consistently get more orders that soon the 4-figure months will not only arrive, but will stay. We’ll see.

Oh yeah and the monetary figures I gave above are in Canadian dollars, probably a relevant thing to mention.


Working on Fiverr full-time will never happen for me. I will not give up my other goals and career path for Fiverr. Nope, not gonna happen! :smiley: It just fascinates me when I see others come on here with a mindset like yours. Saying that they’ve given up a steady job to work on this platform full-time. To each is own, and if it works that’s great. However, explore other gig economy opportunities during the downtime on 5r.

Ebb & Flow


It’s not unreasonable to seek a full-time income online, not only are the number of people earning a living online growing, but some are even reaching 5-figures a MONTH. Are there ways of working full-time online (or even specifically only on Fiverr) that are unreasonable? Yeah. I’d say if you don’t have a nice nest egg of money saved up in the bank and you’ve been making what you know to be enough money to live off of online for less than a year, then I’d say that’s unreasonable.

Spend more time at it, save up money even if you can’t stand your day job, ideally I figure a solid year of making the necessary income to survive would be sufficient to know you’ve got it figured out. Not to mention, in that year of both working and making enough money online to live, you should have been able to put THOUSANDS of dollars (or pounds or what have you) in the bank too help support you if you stumble at an inopportune moment.

I think that’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do, ESPECIALLY if you don’t much like your day job and you’re passionate about what you do online. If you find more fulfillment and meaning and purpose online or even on Fiverr specifically, then if it’s safe to do so, pursue it. Save money, consistently make enough money online to survive for a solid year ideally with a general upward trajectory throughout, and once you’ve built up enough speed then leap from your day job on the ground to soar to the clouds of entrepreneurship. Hopefully you’ve picked up enough speed to reach above them, because as pilots know, it’s a lot smoother flying above the clouds than below them.


Doing fiverr full-time since 2011, fiverr not my career it’s my lifestyle. So the moment you decided do it full time you better prepare anyone will blame your decision like your parents, spouse, friend, ex-colleague even the security guard at your apartment.

Not only fiverr, any business related to money will have slow days or maybe having only 3 sales in the entire month, that’s happened.

As you said u have a back up plan then you should not worry because for some people they rather jobless than doing 9to5 work IRL, and I’m one of them.

Good luck to your fiverr journey, nothing is eternal but you gonna know what you love to do in life in-order to work it out the way you dream of.


@chrisdata Nice comment, but can you please do something about your storm brewing off the east coast of North America? Not cool, dude… not cool.


I always tell new sellers to not quit their day jobs! Your gigs might cycle around again, by the fall. Good luck!


@chrisdata Thanks for that answer. I totally relate.


@nikavoice I understand where you are coming from. Just so you know I didn’t give up on my other goal. I am the founder of a start-up creative agency in Accra & Lagos and also a musician :smiley:. The main reason I quit my job was to free up time to grow my local business. Fiverr to me was the perfect “Life- support machine” that would grant me the opportunity to network, grow, exercise and spend time with loved ones while doing something I love and would normally do for free. That’s why the decision was “easy” for me. I guess I’m just anxious because it’s a quite a big step I took into the unknown. And yes, I’ll explore other gig economy opportunities, thanks for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:


Look I wanna give you a positive response but I’m going to be honest with you. Leaving your job is a bad idea. Freelancing can be VERY unstable, especially on FIverr. Unless you have a backup plan in case things head south for you on FIverr I recommend you look for a job.


i think its early bro but then now you should full focus on this because you hyave no backup plan


@ssj1236 could you please share your freelance experience so far and why you feel it’s unstable and a bad idea?


well its a good decision If you have much client so who cares of the job . nice one. impressive hope that i also become top rated seller. ur story is very impressive bro


I believe it is an adaptation game. I’m sure they’ll still change the algorithm again in future. All we as sellers have to do is proper SEO. Kudos to you for starting a website. That’s a good thing. I think fiverr is going to be around for a while and I am going to take full advantage of it.


no risk no gain, so keep going, good luck, also keep in mind don’t put all eggs in a single basket.


@qazi98 thank you. Wish you all the best