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I raise my huge "Hi" poster!

Hi Fiverrs!

I’m Matthias, 29y from Germany & I joined Fiverr a few weeks ago. So why did I join Fiverr? Simple: I’m going to be a first-time dad in December and try to work some hours at home to be at home with my girls :slight_smile: I quit my full-time job at the end of July to support the homework a bit more, still working part-time.

I like the forum so far, many useful tips which helped me to receive my first orders.

So - who are you?



Hi , Matthias :wink: congratulation to you & your wife for your 1st Baby :baby_bottle::revolving_hearts:
Winter is coming lol.
Btw my Name is Earid :wink: & I’m 27. From Bangladesh. It’s almost 2 years I’m working on Fiverr.


Hey Earid, thanks!
Yeah, we’re very excited already :blush:
I hope you enjoyed the 2 years!

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It’s a long journey :wink: but seems like a month ago :sailboat: still a long way to go. Yes, I enjoyed a lot. So much fun to do!

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To 5r forum!!

I’m guessing you already know the gender of the :baby: !!

Wish you many success!!


Yeah! Gonna be a little princess :slight_smile:


Wellcome man. I’m 28, from Portugal. Fiverr is working rather well, one of the best full time jobs I could have at the moment, given the conjecture :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Fiverr community, Matthias! I’m Sophie. (My age is highly classified.) :grinning:


Nice to hear!
How long did it take for you to work out as a full-time job?

Hi Sophie!
Just checked out your VO, I like it! :slight_smile:

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Got my first order in March, and got to the point where I’m earning above minimum wage every month (I won’t say by how much :P) in July. I’m still growing, btw.

As with everything, it all depends on your expenses and the cost of living. I couldn’t be a father of 3 in California on what I make. I could live like a boss in some extremely cheap country by myself. It’s always a matter of perspective.

My fingers are crossed that you will maintain growth! :slight_smile:
I’ll see where I get, first step would be to be found in the searches. Maybe I can’t just find myself, is it like that?
No idea. We’ll see :slight_smile:

Fun… Fiverr forum is fun and i’m enjoying it!:rofl:

Congrats Matthias, I am nure from bangladesh.
I entered fiverr a few days ago and havent posted my gig yet. I would like to get familiar with fiverr, roam a little bit and preparing myself to work professionally.