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I ran a campaign on Facebook to promote one of my gigs

Recently I ran a campaign on Facebook to promote one of my gigs. My budget was in the hundreds, not much. Sadly none of it convert into purchase but I have several likes on my Facebook page… The pay-per-click rate was pretty expensive since I targeted the US. So if you have a $5 gig I wouldn’t recommend advertising on Facebook :grin:

In any case I look at it as an experiment. One useful info I learned is that Facebook also rate your ads from 1 to 10 that estimates how well your target audience is responding to your ad. My score was pretty low so I knew I was not reaching the right audience so I stopped the campaign.

So the trick is for advertiser to find the right audience then from there create a custom audience to get more targeted traffic. I’ll keep experimenting.

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Facebook as you found out is a good way to lose $$$ if you try to get business to your fiverr gigs. It’s not for people with a few hundred dollars to spend on ads who don’t know how to do it.

Thank you for sharing that.

Actually I’ve done Facebook ads before for my non-fiverr products where I got tons of conversion at a cheaper price (and I only spent a few hundreds dollars each) so I am not really new at this. That’s why I wanted to give my gig a try.

I didn’t just setup some ads and hoped it would work out. I did some research beforehand, took online class at Lynda just to make sure I didn’t miss anything even though I know how to use Facebook Ads already.

I’ve learned many things that I can use to improve my campaign especially related to Fiverr… (hint: use Audience Insights) It’s a valuable lesson I can’t get elsewhere but from own experimentation and knowing what to expect.

Well there must be something they didn’t teach you if it didn’t work this time.

Experimentation does not have to work all the time. It’s the learning that matters to me :slight_smile:

From there, we can try to improve the process. Everyone’s situation is unique, what you can learn from others is just general stuff.