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I rarely see buyers request on my website content writing gig

I need advice on how to improve my website content writing gig. I can hardly see buyers request for my writing gig. A piece of candid advice will hell me a long way.

Hi there @seocontent0, just checked your Gigs, and nothing wrong with it. it looks nice, clean and catchy images and also your Keywords are great. Maybe add on more Tag as you have access to 5.

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It is a pity that you didn’t deliver your work to a customer on time, this 1 year ago. His 1-star rating has cost you dearly. You just need to wait it out and hope your next client will give you a 5-star rating. A 4.6-star rating is just not attractive enough for some buyers I’m afraid and move on to someone who has a 5-star rating. Competition in your niche is SKY-HIGH.

Good luck!

Kindly, Humberto

EDIT: Get rid of your unlimited revisions, you don’t want to write dozens of articles to 1 client are you?? :thinking:


I am so grateful for this piece of advice. Thanks for also notifying me about the unlimited revisions. I will do the edit right away.