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I rarely use Fiverr, now I remember why


I downloaded Fiverr’s mobile app and saw an alert that stated that they would give me a free gig if I ordered a gig. So, I ordered a gig! That gig was successfully delivered when I noticed that I had to order my free gig within 24 hours. So… I ordered my “free gig” and through no fault of my own, 2 days later the seller asks me if they can cancel the order. I receive an email the next day saying that the order is cancelled and that my account has been credited.

This morning I contact Fiverr customer support to ask about redeeming my free gig since I haven’t received it through no fault of my own. This is the response I get…


“Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear your free gig order was cancelled. Unfortunately, this promotion has expired and we won’t be able to give you another free gig.

Sorry for not being able to help you more with this.”


So I say…

“So you’re telling me that I’m losing the free gig that I earned because

(through no fault of my own) the seller cancelled the gig that I selected

after the expiration date? That is so unfair! The only reason why I

purchased the gig that I did WHEN I did was to earn the free gig!”


And I receive from Fiverr…

“I understand your point but we cannot give you another free gig as this promotion does not exist anymore.

Thank you for your understanding.”


Seriously? What kind of customer service is this?

Thanks for emailing us about a service we promised to you, but since you’ve been screwed out of it past our initially arbitrarily determined date we cannot retroactively offer you a replacement. Thank you for understanding. This website is an effing joke…


VOW were you in radio sales?



Thanks Mark. I can handle it.

I’ve been in sales a l o n g time and it’s just funny no matter how smart we are, or how much thought goes into something, there’s always going to be a misunderstanding.

I have no idea how Fiverr came up with this Free Giveaway, but clearly the OP feels ripped off by having the giveaway expire out from under her, and my guy who clearly knew the offer would expire and made an effort to get an order in with me, only to find out there is a “clock ticking” which he has no idea of and doesn’t care about.

It’s kind of a comedy!


Reply to @voiceoverwork: …and in this comedy we are both actors and audience… so let’s play the role and watch the stage :smiley:

Some newcomer thinks that selling on Fiverr is nothing more that setting up a gig… well, there’s much more behind and we know it :slight_smile:


Reply to @voiceoverwork: too bad, sorry :frowning:


As a Seller on the flip side of this Gig Giveaway Promotion…

A Buyer took advantage of the Free Giveaway and bought whatever it was to get a Free gig. However, he didn’t need anything and wanted to make sure he got something before the expiration. So he bought my gig under the delusion that I would hold onto it indefinitely until he has a need for my service.

So I explain the clock is ticking and please submit a script for me to do, OR let me deliver empty and give him an IOU, OR agree to mutual cancellation. The Buyer doesn’t like those options and thinks that as a Seller I am “part” of the Gig Giveaway and it’s my problem to figure it out. His exact words were, "Don’t worry about it Tell Fiverr I said it’s okay."

Thankfully my delivery is extended for the holidays, but if I can’t get him to give me a script with a couple of days, I’m gonna have to do something that the Buyer may not like.



LOL :wink:


Just to prove that Fiverr is a great community, I’d like to offer a basic ($5) free gig for you. If you need my services, check out my gigs and contact me to redeem this special discount :slight_smile:


Here’s what the most interesting man in the world has to say about this.


I’m sorry that you have such experience here at Fiverr :frowning:

I will give you one of my gigs for free, too.

Just contact me and tell me which gig you want and I will do it for you.

Happy New Year!

Kindest regards


Sheriff’s Note, I deleted the specific links so if you want to claim a gig, contact the user directly to find out which or if all are available to you


There’s nothing improper about an offer having terms and conditions and ending.

I certainly agree it “sucks for you” and if it would do you any justice, I’d be happy to give you one of my gigs for free at the $5 level.