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I Re-Joined Fiverr 3 Years Need Some Help in Recent Fiverr Updates

Hello to All Respected fiverr sellers , My Name is Zeeshan , i joined fiverr in 2015 and Work with almost 200+ Clients Currently i am Level 2 Seller , Due to Some Project and Work Commitments i Left Fiverr and Now i am Back after 3 Years , So i noticed Lots and Lots of Changes into site , Much Better and Secure platform now

Need to Know any Positive Points which i must take care of as i am back on site after 3 Years.

Need Your Comments Please


Welcome back to the forum.

Make sure to carefully read the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

A lot has changed!


good know, best of luck.

Thank you , Yes i noticed many changes

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Hi and welcome back! Two very cool features for sellers is the Pro Verified status and training section. I’m not sure what it takes to qualify, but you have potential to charge well above 4 figures per gig if you meet the criteria.

Also, fiverr has a training section which sells courses in various topics that can help you as a seller, like digital marketing, facebook ads, SEO and anything that might help you grow your success. As always, competition shows up as a sign that there is much demand, so we grow together with fiverr and we have to constantly improve or we get left behind.

Back in June 2017 or so many of us Top Rated Sellers were shocked to see we had been down-graded to Level Two Sellers, but this was probably a necessary wake-up call to all sellers to either step up their game or get left behind by more ambitious sellers. Stay strong and keep improving your skills! Fiverr wins when sellers win. The name of the game: growth.

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