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I reached 1000 sales today after 2 years of being on Fiverr | Success Story


Today I reached 1000 total sales on Fiverr, after being active here for just under 2 years. I joined Fiverr as soon as I left school, and didn’t expect to earn anything at first. The idea that someone would pay me for doing something I enjoyed was immensely appealing to me, and it still is to this day – even more so given the success I’ve experienced here.

I work in the graphic design category making album and podcast covers. I have two main gigs, both with around 400 reviews. I initially started out doing only album covers but quickly saw an opportunity making podcast covers too, and this is now my best selling service. I went through some other gigs but quickly found these two categories to be the most rewarding.

I love what I do and am grateful to Fiverr as a platform and company for giving me the opportunity to work in the way I do. Something I see too little of on the forums is this appreciation – many sellers are quick to take the platform for granted and slate Fiverr for a whole host of reasons, without realising that it’s their site that they are operating on, and without it they likely wouldn’t even have a voice to complain with.

As for my successes, they have been numerable. More than I could have ever imagined when I first signed up and chose this indecipherable name. I reached level two in my first two months, and have seen steady and increasing revenues ever since then. Fiverr has allowed me to travel the world, work doing what I love, and now it has made it possible for me to move out into a new home and office.

With all that said, then: here’s to another 2 years of success, passionate work, and happy clients. Thanks Fiverr!

Analytics breakdown after 1000 sales

  • Out of 1000 sales, 843 buyers left a review. That’s 84% of all buyers.
  • More than 70% of my sales were from buyers in the United States. Australia next with 10%. My “world domination” is at 22%.
  • The largest number of orders I had in my queue at once was 40+
  • I haven’t had a featured gig or reached TRS yet (still waiting on it!)
  • My earnings after 2 years are more than 6x what they were after 6 months.
  • The craziest request I’ve received was from someone who wanted to see “a guitar impale a half-peeled banana, with champagne blasting out from it”. Needless to say I had to turn that one down!
  • My biggest achievement was getting my first order that wasn’t $5. It was a simple $20 order for a logo.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Hopefully, my story inspires you to keep working, and never stop trying to improve both your life and your professional service.


And well done


very simple and authentic description
Hope to see you in billionaire list


What an exceptional story. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


programming niche cant even get 1000 sales in 2 years excluding top rated sallers. IDK why ?


You can. Gigs that offer bug fixes or optimizations usually get a high volume of orders.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your success and thanks for sharing your inspiring Fiverr journey!


What can I say other than congratulations.

Oh, and definitely brilliant gigs and exceptional portfolio. A dream freelance job, so double congrats on that :slight_smile:


I got a new experience from your story.


Congrats :slight_smile:
Hopefully I can reach target like you


To start with, lots of congratulations for where you are now. Your patience paid of really well.
My question to you is that how much time does it take for you to get to a high amounts of sales generally? Is that time under your control, based on what you do on the marketplace? Why is it that the progress seems really slow initially?
I want to make money fast , I don’t mean the get-rich-quick kind of fast but atleast amounts good enough that I can keep reinvesting into getting better things and equipments for my services ASAP. (I am into self publishing industry, so book and ebook formatting software, software for covers and then a good lappy with good specs. I don’t have it currently) I came here with this vision but it feels really heartbreaking to see slow progress. If it goes this way idk when I will be ‘there’. Besides I have many other things to see and do in life. I haven’t been there yet.


Inspiring story… :slight_smile:


Very inspiring story. I wish you all the best.


Your success is our motivation for more!


Thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air into my day!

You have worked hard for your success, and I applaud your efforts and your accomplishments!

Thanks for sharing the excellent information.


Thank you! That means a lot. Good luck with sales.



Thanks for your reply and congratulations! I appreciate that.

I can only really speak about the graphic design side of Fiverr, but I imagine these tips can also be applied to the whole site. To begin with, especially if sales are low, I would recommend underpricing your services. You have to do this to remain competitive, otherwise buyer will simply just go with a higher rated seller. You should offer all services at $5 and try to do as many $5 gigs as possible to gain reviews. Revenue shouldn’t be your goal at first: reviews matter much, much more and in the long term will generate more revenue.

If sales are still low despite underpricing and offering a superior service to your competition, then I would perhaps consider changing your main service, or make more gigs. I experimented with around 10 gigs in my first few months and this was necessary to find what was selling, and I encourage you to do the same.

You won’t get rich quick on Fiverr, as the way it is set up is based on reputation and reviews. However, if you stick with it, you can certainly make an incredible income doing what you love. I know some Indian sellers who make considerable money on Fiverr.

Good luck and let me know if that answers your question. Try also browsing the “tips for sellers” section of the forum and thoroughly read the help available via Fiverr Academy for even more tips.



I would like to highlight:[quote=“xqggqx, post:1, topic:152065”]
Something I see too little of on the forums is this appreciation – many sellers are quick to take the platform for granted and slate Fiverr for a whole host of reasons, without realising that it’s their site that they are operating on, and without it they likely wouldn’t even have a voice to complain with.

Cheers to another 1000!


Today I reached 1000 total sales on Fiverr

one day :cry:

congrats mate!