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I reached my personal milestone!

Hello there.

Just wanted to share that I reached my personal milestone here on Fiverr!

It took me 2 years to reach this milestone. Fiverr first was my " side income " but I have enjoyed every piece of it. As Snopp dog said " I wanna thank me for the hard work" :sweat_smile: but I wanna thank Fiverr because I really enjoyed the experience, it had hard times but mostly good times, while I made a lot of connections here on the platform.

But I am not stopping there, I want to go to 60K+ now and I know I will reach that again. Fiverr is evolving and we need to evolve together, so let’s see what the future is holding for us!


@rrebai congratulations :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

What tips will you give to a beginner ?

Absolutely, outstanding performance. Congratulations. Please share with new comer like me how we can gain this like you?

The OP already did give a tip!


Just don’t stop. As you already know all the tips from the community. Sharing profile and delivering good work. If you keep these two things, you will archieve more than me.

Keep it going and don’t stop.

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I think once you start getting clients, you need to keep them good. What I mean about that, is that you need to deliever quality and nothing else. Talk to them and see how can you help, by delievering them quality, you will always be number one choice.

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Hard work is a must on this case. Thanks for your reply.

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