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I REALLY didn't want to have to put this here, BUT maybe this will get someone's attention or

At least give other’s a heads up of what could happen to you. In 2013 I signed up with Fiverr, oh what an exciting time it was. I was thrilled to get my first client in a day! And it was a good client, easy to work with, great communication etc, and he seemed happy with my work. So now comes the time when I SHOULD be paid, he paid, but guess what? A year and a half later I STILL haven’t received my money!!! I should have earned $24.00 from that client, only $4.00 of it is available, the rest which was PAID by the client sits in limbo Fiverr’s Bank Account oh wait, let’s see it’s over a year ago so it’s already spent.

I have emailed Fiverr multiple times, and surprise NEVER heard back. I don’t want it now, I lived without that $24.00 for a year and a half, but just wanted to post to be aware!

i hope youcan get solutions fast

just maybe the buyer did nt finish the order for the remaining $20

What does the order say? Does it say he ordered one gig or more? If he only ordered one gig and told you he would order the rest, he cheated you. Never do work until buyers have actually paid Fiverr. You cannot take their word that they will pay you after the job is done.

Did you contact Support? Did he actually put in the other orders or were they just placed but never given instructions? If that’s the case, there’s not a lot Fiverr can do about that. They can’t force the orders–even though they’re not getting paid, either.

Yeah, the buyer has to respond to instructions on ALL the gigs he ordered (that’s what gets the clock ticking). Otherwise, they will sit there until the end of time because the buyer never sent communication.

Reply to @spotslightseo: Sorry just checking in to find that NO after 2 years still NO pay, and yes the buyer paid… fiverr didn’t release but 4 bucks! The rest is sitting in limbo.

Reply to @victoria91: The order said he ordered 6, it says he paid fiverr 6, do you know this was in 2013, do you know that they have only released 4.00? The rest sits in the bank account. I do hope someone files a report and shuts this company down.

Reply to @emasonwrites: LOL for 2 years I have been trying to collect the money that Fiverr stole from me. I don’t need it now, but seriously this should be a warning for all of you.

Reply to @ominidesign: Thank you Omini, looks like they just took my hard earned money. The guy gave me rave reviews, and I see where he paid. The thing is that it shows 4.00 released and 8 bucks pending, and it’s just so aggravating. Someone figure a way to make money off the backs of those that do the work. What a crying shame. Just beware.

I am sorry it happened. I have done about 900 jobs in 14 months and I’ve had no problem getting paid. Fiverr wants it to work for you. Fiverr will make more money if you continue working with fiverr. I don’t see any motivation for them to take your $24. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it.

Reply to @fastscript: Okay, that doesn’t answer my question. Were the orders actually placed or were they just hanging in limbo?

Something tells me that he only activated one of the gigs and not the others.

If they still say that they are waiting for further information from the seller then there is not a lot you can do.

The buyer was supposed to post a message on EACH of the 6 orders, to “activate” them. Unless he did that, the orders wouldn’t be activated and you wouldn’t get paid, even though the buyer paid. Easy fix would be to contact the buyer and tell him to post a message on the remaining 5 orders, and you’ll get your money after the 14 day clearing time.

The thing is, you were new and didn’t know this rule, and the buyer was probably new too… it’s not fiverr’s fault - everything here is automated. I’ve earned $768 in 4 months- without any problems. Got all my money. No hassles at all.