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I really do appreciate the multiple gigs, but


So I’ve been using fiverr for about 3 years now, and I’ve been doing pretty good.

It is really nice to get a bit of an extra income, and I am really happy. I really am.

I’d say there is just one little problem I have every now and then.

Many of the buyers orders multiple gigs, in most cases 2 or 3, but in some cases more than 10.

OK, so 10 a gig project, that’s great, and the money is nice too.

Here’s the thing though, a dollar is being taken away for each gig, and even though the buyer

pays 50 dollars for a 10 gig project, I get 40. 10 dollars being taken away is pretty big.

If it was a dollar or 2 being taken away I have nothing to complain…

But when I do a job that I do believe is worth 50 dollars, but I end up getting 40,

sometimes this does make me unhappy.

I know I know, I am still getting 40 dollars, but it is sometimes hard to get rid of that feeling of "Oh darn."

I wonder, am I the only one who has this problem???


No, we ALL have that same problem! :slight_smile:


It’s been mentioned a lot here in the forum there are a lot of for and against arguments on the same subject my own personal view is that I don’t mind my 20% being taken, Fiver bought me the buyer, paid for servers, staff and everything else in between. But here are others who don’t share the same objective view as me on the other side of the fence.


I’d still be happy. Especially if you do something you’d do for free.


I’d like to add my two cents to this discussion. First of all, I understand that Fiverr needs a way to generate income from the site and pay expenses for staff and everything else. However, I think that twenty percent is a bit steep. I’d like to see it more like ten percent. It’s not like any of us is getting market value for our services anyway. To cut into our limited income like that is frustrating.

I have a writing gig and even literary agents take only a 12-15 percent cut of book sales. Fiverr acts like an agent by promoting our gigs and connecting us with buyers but it’s an expensive one comparatively.


Isnt there a 5 break for level 2 and top rated sellers…i am guessing not by the tenure and level of the people in this discussion.

I got a 10 gig multiple yesterday and made $40 from it and felt a little rubbish about it! :frowning: