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I really don't get how the response rate works


I really don’t get how the response rate works - I mean I always reply to every inquiry almost immediately, yet still I only have a response rate of 60% ???
I don’t get it. I am even deleting all the spam I am receiving (pretty much my main task here on Fiverr, because I already found out that if you don’t delete it, it affects your response rate - yet still my response rate keeps getting worse)


The response rate is messed up in my opinion, but are you deleting your spam messages without responding to them first? That might be why.
If you get a spam message just reply saying something like “Don’t send me spam messages” and then delete. That might help.


I don’t even care about the response rate lol


Every so often (once a month or so?) send a request to CS and they will reset that number. It’s a known issue as of this writing.

That said, it’s an internal metric only. Just respond as soon as practical to the ones that matter…