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I really don't know what happen i need help plz help me

Hi, my name is kdavid i am a seller on fiverr i work on fiverr last 2 years but now my gig is so down i really don’t know what happen i need help plz help me


share your gig .and buyer request try 24 hour active


^ This isn’t going to get you anywhere, and is another example of commonly spread bad advice on the forum.

At the end of the day, what can help is analyzing your competition, and finding ways to stand out among them. Offer something that others aren’t! Freshen up your gig, and take a critical look at it. Try out new gigs within your skillset to see what grabs buyers’ attention. It’s all about trial and error, and providing a service in demand.


Wow! Great advice there! So, do YOU stay awake 24/7? How do you manage this? Are you on some illicit drug that keeps you awake for days at a time or are you using an auto refresh extension on your pc?

Do tell, since this seems to be one of those great ways to get millions of orders here! Just never sleep!

I am being sarcastic. STOP spreading BAD advice.



Same issue with me last 2 months