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I Really Don't Know What to do About This...... Big Life + Fiverr Rant

First off, thank you, everyone, who replied to by request for good wishes for my dog. It did work - kind of. This is because although the vet said everything in the world is bad with him, I don’t believe this and I am now staying as far from the vet as possible.

In short, he’s since grown 2 x new growths, both of which I have treated with apple cider vinegar and honey and both of which have turned skin color and shrank away in a few days. Cancer doesn’t do that, herpes does that. In this case, my Vet is either a quack or an opportunist or both. - He has kind eyes though and this confuses me.

Anyway, I have a few issues on Fiverr and off Fiverr and I thought I would just ask, what the hell would you do?

First problem: I live in a cesspit of evil

Not joking here, come to Malta on holiday by all means. Never ever try to live here though.

Let’s take my trip to the vet. I had to take a Taxi which cost me 20 Euros each way, even though there is a big sign next to the taxi rank in my town saying that the fare for where I went is actually set by the government at 9 euros. I had no option but to pay this, though, as the busses won’t let dogs onboard and I couldn’t get a lift.

On a similar note, I had a friend over at the beginning of the month whom I sent to a local pastry shop to get us some local pea pastries (which usually cost 25c each). She then came back having been charged 7 euros for 4. Also, it really is like this every day.

I go to the supermarket and you can guarantee that I get charged for something which I either haven’t bought or something which I have bought but which has been grossly mispriced on the shelf.

That isn’t the worst bit, though. You see, I pay my rent six months in advance. This year, however, a few days after paying my rent, my landlord popped around waving a piece of paper saying “oh no, the power company says there is a problem and you owe them 900 Euros!”

Now, I rumbled this pretty much straight away as a con, as I asked to see the bill which my landlord was waving and this turned out to be a random photocopy of a bill which I had already paid the September previously. My landlord, however, then said that the power company had called him to tell him about the discrepancy. - Yes, like that happens.

Anyway, I had to pay this or basically get kicked out of my apartment and not get any money back for the rent which I had already paid. Fast forward then to the present, and guess what happened yesterday? Yep, despite having paid all bills since up until mid-June, there is apparently a new 300 Euro error which I need to cough up and pay for.

Now, I haven’t paid my rent yet. In this case, I thought, go to hell, I’ll just move. Even better, I have a friend who has just moved out of a nice apartment in a great area which she moved into a year ago for 350 a month. In this case, she called her (apparently) very nice ex-landlord who gave me great viewing this morning… But said that he wanted 600 a month if I want it.

Naturally, I asked why 600 since the rate was 350. Then I got a load of bull about the local real estate market and how the English like me pay the better prices. - Yes but that’s not actually fair is it?

And then it hit me. I HATE this place. I absolutely abhor everything about the entire country that I live in. So, I want to move ASAP.

The only problem? If I do finally jump across the pond to Cyprus like I have been thinking about for ages, (or even back to the UK) Fiverr will be my only income source and if my account gets banned for changing IP, I will literally kill myself. - I probably won’t but it costs 1K alone just to move with a dog between the UK and where I am/would be in Cyprus and I’m really so tired right now of having expense after expense thrown at me that I will likely just have a breakdown.

The benefits, though, of a move would be great if Fiverr wasn’t an issue. For the same price I pay now, I could afford an apartment with a shared pool, and from what I know from people who have lived in Cyprus, there is very little of the corruption that happens here on Malta. Plus I wouldn’t have to pay tax (legally) given how much I earn and the Cypriot tax system.

So, would you take the risk?


I would suggest contacting support before you move so that they are well aware that your address will change.


I hop between Sweden, Denmark and the UK all the time. Never had my IP banned. Inform customer support in advance anyway.


That’s really good to know! I will definitely inform CS in advance. I am probably being paranoid about this issue but you know what they say, this stuff happens. Also, I might try and butter them up with a Pro gig offering and a free genius marketing idea. - Then again, that could maybe make me look desperate.

I’ve traveled to the US many times and my flag has never changed or I’ve never had any issues logging in.

I’m not sure if it’s actually true that your flag would change. It hasn’t happened to me so I can’t confirm it.

I’ve also changed IP many times over the years, when temporarily moving to another city, when going to vacation, when I changed my internet provider several times. But I guess these count as the same country IP addresses…

However, it’s very common for people to relocate to other countries or even continents, or to move across countries due to their jobs, so I don’t see why Fiverr would ban you for such a thing that is part of life along with all its goods and especially bads. But I get your paranoia, I have it, too, and it’s natural as we’re only human.

So the only thing you can do to relief yourself from the burden of paranoia is what everyone already suggested: getting in touch with CS – you know why I like asking CS everything, even about minor insignificant issues? Because if anything goes wrong, you’ll have a ticket as proof to back you up!

I’ve gone to a lot of vets, and all of them turned out to be crooks to some degree. Out here, many vets can and will likely give fake treatments or fake diagnoses just to make you a regular client at the cost of your pet’s life, which still shocks me :cry: I wish Chico a really long life, and he’s so lucky to have you as his owner and human companion - he may not realize how much you do for him like we see it, but rest assured that he sees everything you do for him :slight_smile:

I also wish you all the best and may your decision come easy and fulfilling!

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My flag changed when I moved to Sweden. For ages, customer support refused to make it British. Then I had to photocopy my passport and some utility bills and they ‘stuck’ it in place to ensure it didn’t change again.

Fiverr takes the view that the flag should be your location not your nationality, I didn’t agree with this. It is stupid, particularly for a writer.

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Yeah, Chico was diagnosed with acute liver failure last year but I chose just to improve his diet rather than go the way the vet then wanted me to. The growth he had removed originally though did look just like all the worst pictures I could find on Google. I just don’t understand how the vet can assure me it has been cancerous when now my intuition says, ‘no, I’m pretty certain its not.’ Anyway, he’s at pretty much full health aside from suffering with the heat at the mo.

As for your best wishes, thanks. I think I really have to do this. If I don’t I am just going to end up depressed the longer I have to deal with this place. Onwards and upwards!


Thanks! I remember you posting about this very topic several weeks ago.

How long ago did this happen to you? I’m wondering whether it can still change. Or they’ve made it always show the same badge regardless of where you are located.

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I moved to Sweden in 2013. It changed within about 2 weeks of moving. It then took me until the end of 2014 to get them to change it back. Now they promise it will never change again. 3 years later, so I hope not! They said they ‘fixed’ it to never change.

Just as well taht it changed, this guy ordered from me in 2014 and complained that I was lying about being British (he never had anything delivered). He then harboured his frustration at me for 3 solid years before positing this review online. If it didn’t change, I could have expected a lot more poeple complaining about me not being Swedish!

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That is what I was wondering.


That’s so unfortunate. Has that report hurt you?

There are several reports on that site. About 5 of them come from one ‘client’.

This is my favourite. Said I was working in cahoots with Fiverr customer support to stela money from clients after hacking their website (what type of writer would need access to a website?). Apparently I then wrote this PM to him:

“HA HA! I had Fiverr CS complete the order and there’s nothing you can do about lol. Thanks for the free money hahaha!!”

Which, let’s be honest, I was a TRS at the time. If I had done any of this, I wouldn’t have been.

I know who wrote these and it was NEVER a client of mine. Instead, it was a competitor on Fiverr. I went through every single order from that time period and not one of them for that value was ever cancelled or even offered as a cancellation.

The reports hurt my actual business for a while because you Google “Ryan Gillam writer” and they came up. HOWEVER, they should be removed from most searches on Google now due to the EU’s “right to forget” law or whatever. This means I have fewer people bringing them up. Fiverr people do mention it from time to time as an excuse to cancel their gig, but I show them the quality of work I will deliver and they will back out of it.

For the first few months, I reckon it cost me about $5,000-$10,000 of lifetime business.

Are you serious? Did you build up a case and present it to support?
I can understand how he was a competitor as he was supposedly a forum user…

I did. They did not want to know because it took place outside of the Fiverr system (the review). The one thing they did was ask the person whether they did it or not. The person said “no” and they left it there. I had received messages from this competitor before so I knew it was them. Same overall writing style. Also, if you look there are 3-4 reviews with “report retracted” on them by the original publisher. This happened on the SAME day that customer support messaged them. Coincidence? :wink:

First of all Cy, don’t ever talk/think about killing yourself, even if in jest. What if Fiverr was to go away? There are a plenty of other things you could do. There is always a way. Life is a precious gift from God, it’s not for you to take it away. My suggestion is to move back to the UK, you should be with your own people. There is a lot of evil, corruption and other bad stuff in India. But good or bad, I know I am with my own people.


I am sorry to hear about your situation. If the foreign country where you live now is much worse than your home country, I suggest you to move back to your home country. If the place where you live now is better than your home country, I suggest you to stay. You are the one who knows (edit: But reading your posts, I guess it is clear that the foreign country where you live now is so bad, so probably moving back to your home country is a great idea).

I believe this is the right time for you to create a PRO gig. So, if you have planned to do so, that´s great. Best of luck and never give up! Much love for Chico. :four_leaf_clover: