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I REALLY don't like it!

Hello guys,
I am happy that I am getting orders frequently. But it’s my 7th Order that is automatically marked as completed in this week :dizzy_face:
Can somebody tell me
"What’s the Impact of non-rated orders? Does it ranks down a gig when an order is automatically marked as completed?"
Percentage of my rated orders are going down and down. I wonder how I can get rid of this. :frowning:


I don’t think it has any negative impact on your reviews. If from 30 orders only 15 are reviewed and all 15 have 5 stars, you still get 100%. It’s the buyers choice to write a review but you could ask them nicely after delivery if they would be so kind to give feedback.

Yes, it does not impact the “Postive rating” if an order is not rated. I was trying to know whether the nonrated order affects the gig positioning/ranking?

Is this message for me?

Edit: nevermind

To be honest, I NEVER sent any message in inbox to ANY seller over here… Can you please double check?

Oh my apologies, you’re right.

It’s ok… I know, you are one of the most active forum members with lots of experiences… So people would be sending you messages in inbox asking for tips. So you mixed up.

No it does not hurt your ranking, however it does not help it become more visible either, so it’s sort of neutral, but at least you got the $$$$$$, right?

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Yes, you are right. We get $$ but we need reviews too so that our gigs rank up!
I am not sure, but I feel whenever an order is completed without a feedback, the gig’s position fluctuate in the search.

Correct, but you cannot force someone to review.