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I really hate clients like these!


Dont you hate it when you do a job for someone and finishes it and is demanding too many things for 5$?!

Geez, so pissed off.!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Ooh, that’s actually really great advice! I just figure, if someone is a repeat troublemaker, then it’d be in the best interests of all sellers on here to be able to see which buyers have a bad reputation, just as buyers want to be able to check which sellers have a great track record and which fail to deliver.

I’ve been lucky so far anyway, my buyers have been really great people. Fingers crossed I stay so lucky!


Yeah, what I would do right now is start a mutual cancellation. If you do that, he cannot leave you negative feedback. If he rejects your mutual feedback, ask customer service. Also, I’d report him to customer support.

As long as you delivered everything in your gig description, you are in the right.

One more thing, change your gig’s description to make it more clear to buyers what you will do and maybe add what you will NOT do, so buyers like that do not take advantage of your good nature.



Oh yes.

I offer 1,000 writing for $5. Customer constantly hassled me for changes. Ended up at over 4,000 word due to threat of negative feedback. No tip or anything. He then claimed it didn’t pass copyscape. I then had to spend $10 buying copyscape credits to check as I am sure it did. I checked, it passed. He was ‘winding me up’ (he admitted it after) which meant I ended up spending 2 hours on a gig which should have taken 30 mins and ended up $6 out of pocket on top of that sigh thankfully he has never ordered again.


That stinks Ryan. I need some writers, but I don’t need 1,000 words, so I will contact you. I may ask you for 3 articles at 330 words for the single Fiverr order if you can do that for me.



Reply to @hotwebideas: Thanks for the advice, the ordered has already been delivered and he is asking for a mutual cancellation but my answer is NO WAY! He already took my time and now he is getting away with it? HECK NO! already reported him to customer support.

By any chance, does customer support supports sellers who experiencing this? Do they accept the order but wont let the buyer leave a bad feedback?

Sorry for the rant, just really pissed of at this guy.


Reply to @ryangillam: Thats horrible. Sigh I really hope Fiver can think of something better for the legit sellers. I know this wont be the only time I would encounter this kind of clients but its brain-wrecking. I really really hate this type of people.


Reply to @ryangillam: That’s terrible! I hope you left negative feedback for the buyer after all of that, and reported the issue to support.