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I really hate these stupid stars


This isn’t the first time I have received less than five, but this is the first time I feel it was very undeserved and it really stings. Now I’m not sure if I want to complete any more orders from this buyer knowing I can never achieve 5 stars. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort…Grrrr… I know the buyer probably doesn’t understand how these stars can affect sellers, and she probably didn’t mean anything by it and I’m being way too sensitive, but it still sucks. I really hate these stars.

End Rant.

Update: Completed the additional orders, doing the same exact thing, no extra effort this time, less communication…5 stars… I just don’t get it lol. Oh well…


Reply to @ozzieuk: Maybe if you have hundreds of orders on your gig. I don’t, it’s 4.9, and if she decides to rate less on the future orders then what? This is a gig I only have a few orders on. Like I said, I know in the scheme of things it’s not a big deal, but right now it is, hence the rant… -.- I appreciate the comment though.


But … 4 and a half stars is still a really good review. I’ve found they don’t really affect anything at all…


This is going to sound super, super stupid, but how can you tell which “category” he downrated you on? I just had a buyer leave me 4.5 stars, but I can’t find a way to see which of the three aspects they get to rate wasn’t up to snuff.

Oh, and yeah–in the scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal. But it really feels like it is, especially when you go above and beyond to deliver excellent product. The difference between 4.5 or 4.9 and 5.0 stars is so subjective, it feels just malicious when someone takes the opportunity to give you a less than perfect score.


My problem with the stars is that I’ve had many buyers who don’t read my gig description before ordering, and order incorrectly. Before proceeding with their order, I always send a cancellation request and explanation (to give them a chance to bow out gracefully). This takes time out of my day, but the goal is to avoid future headache for both parties. But some times they deny the cancellation request and continue to ask questions. When they realize their error, they cancel the order, and I get penalized because Fiverr thinks it is no longer mutual. This has hurt my ratings more than anything else. All my customers leave high stars ratings but the cancellations kill me. We should NOT be penalized for cancelled orders that have not begun and/or have only been active for 24 hours or less.


Reply to @emasonwrites: All my ratings were 5 on that gig, when she down rated me, it showed as 4.5 on communication above the ratings. I only had a couple of ratings on that gig.

And yep, it does, but I know it wasn’t…I just want to know why, especially since It was for the same exact job both times, second time I just completed the order and didn’t provide any extra information/help, communication or service, 5 stars 0.0 .

I had asked her politely, before she placed the other orders, if there was anything I could have done to improve her experience and I got an order and a message about how I did so good. I think If I asked about it specifically the answer would be " I dunno, just felt like it" lmao .

This really makes me miss the thumbs up…

Thanks for your understanding :wink:


Reply to @nickgrooves: I have it stated on my gig to contact me first, most people don’t know what would be required for their requests so this just takes the whole trouble of cancellations out of the equation, for the most part. It might help you too.

accessgirl said: I just completed the order and didn't provide any extra information/help, communication or service

Be sure not to bite off your nose to spite your face.


Reply to @ricksper: It wasn’t really warranted, same exact job, similar issue, they just wanted me to do it. I could of mentioned why it wasn’t working, what they could have done to avoid it, but I get the feeling they don’t care, if they did I have no problem telling them, but I don’t feel like going the extra mile if it’s not wanted or needed.The request was just to do it. I gave my regular spiel of let me know if you have any questions and how this works for you blah blah blah, just not in-depth information regarding the issue like last time. Obviously this worked just fine… go figure. I didn’t just deliver and say "Here, take it! ".