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I really have difficulties to have customer

What should I do ? I went to buyer request already, I sent my offers to lots buyers… I promoted in “Forum” and went to “My fiver gigs”… What should I do next ? Thank you very much for your suggestions

It happens to everyone, ups and downs are part of business
Do not lose hope!

Take out the part in your profile where you say “your friend told you about Fiverr” I do not think you need that. Just say your experience.

Use forum to learn things!

I know I have had my gigs up for about 2 weeks or 3 and have not received any orders, I to am stumped as to what to do about it. Looks like your very talented and you have some orders that Great. wishing you the best. Amazing work you do!

you are a talented graphic designer…just have faith you will get more orders…

Reply to @sincere18: thank you very much my friends :slight_smile:

Reply to @meodesigns: thank you very much my friends <3 very inspiring :wink:

Reply to @redrose1: I think your gig for naming, needs to say I will name anything for you…not…I will name what for you…that does not make any sense…

But I do not think that gig or the one to write a letter is in very high demand. In order to sell you have to figure out what people want and need, and then research and check out other high rated sellers who sell similar things to you and get ideas on how to make your gigs really stand out. This is true of creating any busienss and selling anything anywhere.

Reply to @redrose1: thank you redrose for your praise to me :slight_smile:

Reply to @muhammadpunhal: thank you :slight_smile: I learnt some mistake that I did :slight_smile:

Reply to @photoshopbeauty: thank you very much for your praise, have a success for you too :slight_smile: